Antalya City Tour

Nestos River and the colours of Xanthi

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Antalya City Tour

As you get to know Xanthi, you’ll quickly understand why locals call it the city of the thousand colours. Having been destroyed, rebuilt and expanded time and again, due to raids, civil war and earthquakes, to say Xanthi is rich in diversity would be an understatement.

In the Old Town, no two houses are the same. And as you listen to stories of Thracians and Ottomans, you’ll see their lingering influence in the architecture around you. Then on the outskirts of town, time skips forward to the late industrial age. Tobacco trading helped Xanthi bloom in the late 19th Century, and the tobacco warehouses here tell a vivid story of the path to prosperous times.

Other highlights unique to Xanthi include the Foundation of Thracian Art and Tradition, the Castle of Xantheia, and the home of Greek composer Hadjidakis.

Crossing the abundant Nestos
On our way to Xanthi, we’ll stop to marvel at the Nestos River, the ecological pride of North Eastern Greece. We cross at the boundary between the Kavala and Xanthi prefectures, where tree-lined banks and cliffsides teem with life. Pausing our journey to take it all in, this is the ideal place to share a restorative moment with nature or take a few scenic selfies.

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