Personalized Cruise Vacations and all the Romance of the Med

A Mediterranean cruise vacation is a perfect opportunity to discover multiple iconic landmarks in a short space of time. We have some of the most exciting port-cities and sun-kissed islands in the eastern Mediterranean for you to explore including Athens, Santorini, Istanbul, and much more.For Homer, it was the wine-dark sea of adventurers and heroes: the one and only Mediterranean. With vibrant cities, lavish architecture, dramatic landscapes, volcanic islands and a rich cultural history, the Mediterranean boasts a uniquely mythic stature and promises to be an exciting adventure into lands of legends where you can investigate the mystery of history.Much of its timeless allure comes from influential civilizations that sprang up on its shores and in exchanger goods and turf battles. For you, the modern explorer, a happy byproduct of so many centuries of commerce and competing conquests is a catalog of ancient ruins that stir the imagination.Add to all that rugged coastlines, beautiful beaches, glistening turquoise waters and raking farmlands, the stunning scenery is a sight to savor. Renowned for their warm hospitality, the locals invite you to experience age-old traditions and lose yourself in a bevy of tastes, sounds and smells.

Hospitality and Vitality

Despite the individual differences between the islands and port cities of the Mediterranean, not to mention the turbulence and tribulations they have all endured at the hands of pirates and foreign powers, the local populations retained their vitality and historic characteristics.The people who live on the shores of the Mediterranean basin are influenced by a cultural mixing pot—ancient Greek, Egyptian, Byzantine, Frankish, Ottoman and many more—making for a uniquely cosmopolitan tapestry. Islanders are people of the sea and the welcome they extend to visitors is genuinely warm; something you’ll experience from the smallest bakery in Patmos to the trendiest boutique in Mykonos.Combined with authentic cuisine and cultural excursions that give you the opportunity to experience the local way of life, we take you on a romantic adventure geared towards your personal interests. And thanks to an amiable year-round climate, cruise Vacations in the eastern Mediterranean are a pleasure to behold in every season.Celestyal Cruises have several scintillating voyages in the eastern Mediterranean for you to experience. Whether you want to explore the Greek islands or combine them with cultural visits to ancient Ephesus, Cairo and Ashdod, we have a choice of solutions that allow you to live your dreams.

Discover the iconic landmarks and beautiful islands

Exclusive Excursions

The destinations on our itineraries boast a rich heritage and blossoming culture that has endowed them with all manner of magnificent cathedrals, temples and fortifications. Our alternative tours cover a variety of opportunities to appeal to a wide range of preferences and interests.

Specialist Guides

With a rich cultural history to discover, we give you access to experienced local guides with specialist knowledge. This is your chance to delve as deep as you want so don’t be afraid to draw on the expertise of your knowledgeable tour guide.

Cultural Experiences

The eastern Mediterranean has a diverse and fascinating culture that is worthy of further exploration. We pride ourselves on delivering truly authentic experiences and give you the opportunity to sample traditional recipes, delicious wines and pastries and engage with friendly locals.

Memorable Mediterranean Cruise Vacations

Iconic Monuments in the Med

From the Parthenon in Athens, ancient Ephesus in Turkey and the Great Pyramids of Egypt near Cairo, a Mediterranean cruise Vacation invites you to discover iconic monuments and explore romantic Greek islands like Santorini and Milos. Endowed with a spectacular volcanic wardrobe and mesmerizing coastal settings you’ll be seeing the very best of them all with our marvelous Mediterranean cruise Vacations. We have something for everyone no matter what your interests are.

Taste The Med

Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich culture of the eastern Mediterranean. With sumptuous flavors, exquisite wines and local traditions to discover, Mediterranean cruise Vacations are an experience you will remember forever.