Heavenly Adriatic - 7 Nights

The ultimate voyage for those craving history, culture and beauty, our Heavenly Adriatic cruise invites you to soak up the serene atmosphere of spellbinding destinations across the islands and beyond. Uncover secrets behind the turquoise coastline that have been cherished for centuries. Unearth the legends of ancient Olympia, see for yourself Kefalonia’s mesmerizing cave and taste the treasures grown in Montenegro’s verdant lands. As you scale ancient city walls, stroll along charming fishing harbors and climb volcanic peaks, you’ll get a unique glimpse into the wonders of the natural world and lives from long ago.

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1 Athens (Greece)
2 Kefalonia (Greece)
3 Dubrovnik (Croatia)
4 Kotor (Montenegro)
5 Bari (Italy)
6 Corfu (Greece)
7 Katakolo (Greece)
8 Athens (Greece)

Cruise itinerary

At-a-Glance Itinerary
Day 1
Depart 13:00



Your heavenly Adriatic escape begins in the majestic city of Athens. As one of the oldest cities in the world, the vibrant modern metropolis boasts an intriguing and contrasting mix of old and modern architecture in perfect harmony and balance. Explore the city and soak up the atmosphere by the harbour’s edge as you wait to embark for your exciting adventure.

Day 2
Depart 17:00



Fir covered lands dotted with charming villages meet a sparkling coastline on Kefalonia, the largest Ionian island. Delve further into this jewel’s beauty. See nature’s best work in the Melissani Cave where sublime colors reflect off lake within. Or watch yachts jostle as you sip a drink and enjoy the sunset on the harbor of one of the fishing villages.

Day 3-4
Depart 12:00



As we draw closer to Dubrovnik, all eyes will be on the towering city walls. Take the chance to walk along them to gain a unique perspective of the limestone streets, baroque architecture and the shimmer of turquoise beckoning beyond. Then head further into the city’s myriad streets to soak up the atmosphere in seemingly endless bars, cafes and restaurants.

Day 4
Depart 17:00



Where red rooftops contrast with crystal blue waters and towering peaks. Kotor’s spectacular bay is an awe inspiring backdrop to a medieval maze of stunning architecture, Venetian palaces, ornate churches, museums and squares sprinkled with cafes, bars and restaurants.

Kotor is a UNESCO world heritage site with a 2,000 year history that can be traced back all the way to its ancient Roman beginnings. This historic city is absolutely mesmerising. Explore the  monumental city walls built in the Middle Ages and criss-cross the narrow streets to the most recognisable symbol of the city, the Cathedral of St Tryphon, a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture.

Day 5
Depart 17:00



Transport yourself to the captivating port town of Bari, nestled in the stunning region of Puglia, Italy. Immerse yourself in its rich history and vibrant charm, as you explore its ancient streets and marvel at its architectural wonders. As you wander through the bustling local markets, let the scent of freshly baked focaccia and the lively chatter of locals embrace you, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the authentic Puglian lifestyle.

Day 6
Depart 18:00



Corfu Town is cosmopolitan, charming and friendly. You can easily lose yourself here as you explore the narrow alleyways, soak up the atmosphere and meet the locals at one of the many cafes, bars and restaurants. You may be surprised by the Italian feel, largely thanks to the Venetian architecture, but you won’t be surprised by the Greek warm welcome.

Day 7
Depart 15:00



As you dock in the sleepy fishing village of Katakolo, you would never imagine the secret gem it guards. Nearby, the ancient city of Olympia bears a wealth of priceless artefacts and sculptures. Feel the awe that remains in the world-famous home of the Olympic Games. Here you also have the chance to unwind on a 50-mile sandy beach with crystalline blue waters.

Day 8
Arrival 07:00



While your cruise may be drawing to an end, the tantalising city of Athens still lies ahead. Delve deep into the city’s sidestreets, bursting with life and culture. Or, clamber up high to the Acropolis for a stunning view of this thriving, cosmopolitan city. As the sun sets, take in the Athens skyline by night and wonder at the dancing Aegean. There’s no better place to end your cruise than here.

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