Monastiraki and Plaka

Join us on a very special journey.
Come and share our love for Athens and its cuisine on a tour that brings the senses well and truly alive in more ways than one.

Sharing our passion for Greece and all things Greek is what we do. It’s our mission to inspire you and where better to start than Classical Athens, the cradle of civilisation and the birthplace of democracy.

Here we experience together in a panoramic tour, some of the world’s most magnificent and historic sites.
The Acropolis and the majestic and magnificent Parthenon. The Changing of the Guard outside Parliament, Syntagma Square.

The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, National Academy, Academy University, Old Parliament and the Russian Orthodox Church.

There is yet more to marvel at and be inspired by. Panathinaiko Stadium, site of the first modern Olympic Games, the new classical Zappion and the Roman temple of Zeus and Arch of Hadrian.

Then it’s time to share the delicious and evocative tastes and smells of traditional Greek cuisine.
We drop into a traditional kafenio – or coffee shop for a Greek coffee and some great hospitality.
Then a stroll through the bustling central market and the spice market.

Once you have taken in the air on Evripidou Street, the distinctive scent will be hard to forget. Breathe in. Scents help make the most wonderful memories too, a proven fact.

The intriguing aromas comes from the mix of foods and spices wafting out from the open-fronted stores.
After this aromatic experience we will most certainly be ready to try the traditional souvlaki in Monastiraki a market neighbourhood in the old town and one of the main shopping districts in Athens. 

The area is home to clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, and specialty stores, and is a major tourist attraction bargain shopping.

Then its time to visit a traditional sweet shop for a mouthwatering taste of delicious loukoumades, yeast-risen dough puffs, deep fried to golden brown, drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Our final stop on this unique tour of history, culture and gastronomy is a visit to one of Athens oldest distilleries in famous Plaka, in the shadow of the Acropolis, to sample the local tsipouro or ouzo.

A perfect end to a day filled with wonderful sights, sounds, smells and flavours.

You won’t forget that heady combination.

795w x 530h Athens Food on Foot PIR 11 Loukoumades Greek Donuts with Honey and Walnuts
795w x 530h Athens Food on Foot PIR 11 greek coffee and loukoumi
864w x 530h Athens Food on Foot PIR 11 Panathinaiko Stadium Athens
795w x 530h Athens Food on Foot PIR 11 Monastiraki market Athens

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