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The mountainous Pelion peninsula is breathtaking but still relatively untouched by mass tourism. Not forgotten exactly, just not crowded.

Rocky, exposed landscapes make way for lush pine woods, fruit orchards and olive groves. The beaches are said to be the finest in all Greece.

Homer described this as the land of quivering foliage. And with good reason. It is a rich natural larder and local cuisine also reflects the peninsula’s many foreign influences.

But whatever the dish, local, fresh and seasonal ingredients are guaranteed.
It’s here we learn secrets of Pelion cuisine.
Our hosts will show us all the little tricks that Greek cooking has to offer with recipes often handed down through the generation.

In a beautiful region like this, it’s an even more memorable and intriguing experience. So what’s on the menu? First a welcome with a cup of hot mountain tea or homemade sour cherry juice.

Then a lesson on how to cook traditional meatballs in tomato sauce. Kneading the meatballs, prepare fresh tomato sauce and serving it with local pasta.

This is followed by batzina, an original zucchini pie from Thessaly, traditional refreshing aromatic yogurt dip, tzatziki with herbs from the garden and a fresh seasonal salad. Guests depart having shared some secrets and armed with small gifts and a diploma in Pelion cuisine!
Vegetarian options can be included.

795w x 530h The Secrets of Pelion Cuisine VOL 06 Tzatziki and Bread
795w x 530h The Secrets of Pelion Cuisine VOL 06 Preparing Meatballs with Tomato Sauce
795w x 530h The Secrets of Pelion Cuisine VOL 06 Mixed vegetables with feta cheese

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