Zipline Adventure Experience

Zipline Adventure Experience

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Dare to ride the Flying Fox zipline

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-fuelled experience like no other when you ride the Flying Fox, the world’s longest zipline over water.

You will be picked up from the port at Kashab and taken to the Oman Adventures Centre where you’ll be given a safety briefing and a harness. Then you’re all set to
experience 1,800 metres of exhilarating zipline – from a platform on Jebel Fitt, towards the coast of the Wilayat of Kashab and ending at the Atana Khasab Hotel.

Not only will you travel at up to 80kph – a heart-stopping experience in itself – but you’ll be travelling over the beautiful Musandam shoreline, with incomparable aerial
views of Khor Qadi and the Mokhi region.

KHS 06 Zipline Adventure Experience03
KHS 06 Zipline Adventure Experience
KHS 06 Zipline Adventure Experience 02

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