The beautiful art of mosaic making

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The beautiful art of mosaic making

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very personal memento

This is unique opportunity to learn the fascinating secrets of a skill famed across the area.

The art of the mosaic is making images and designs using small pieces of coloured, glass, marble, stones or tiles.
It’s astonishingly beautiful and Greek mosaics are said to be the earliest art form still in existence today. They are an integral part of Greek civilisation and culture.

Our talented artist who has been been giving lessons for many years and loves to share her knowledge, will teach you the ancient and contemporary art of mosaic-making in Mykonos.

She also helps you create your own unique work of art which you can take home as a lovely and very personal memento of your visit to the island.

Mykonos is located across the water from Delos, the iconic island of antiquity, known for its ancient history and wealth of knowledge. It is one of the most important archaeological locations in Greece, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the mythical birthplace of Apollo.
After your wonderful, peaceful, creative mosaic experience, there is time to wander the atmospheric streets of Mykonos Town or sit and enjoy a leisurely, contemplative coffee before returning to the ship.

864w x 530h The Beautiful Art of Mosaic Making MYK 13
795w x 530h The Beautiful Art of Mosaic Making MYK 13 Exploring Mykonos
795w x 530h The Beautiful Art of Mosaic Making MYK 13

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