tradition in pottery and ceramics

If you have ever wanted to get into the very heart and soul of Greek culture and civilisation, this is the perfect opportunity.

This highly specialist tour give a fascinating insight into and a greater understanding of the history of Greece and how it developed. Pottery has played a huge part in Greek culture since the earliest times.

It’s extraordinary beautiful, distinctive, colourful and elaborate and was considered to be a gift worthy of dedication to the Gods. And it represents an important record to help us understand the different periods of Ancient Greek life.

There were four major pottery styles in Ancient Greece, red figure and black figure, Corinthian and geometric.
The ancient Greeks used ceramic vessels in every aspect of their daily lives, for storage, carrying, mixing, serving, and drinking, and as cosmetic and perfume containers. Today pottery plays a big role in the souvenir industry.
This tour gives us a fascinating insight into this key aspect of Greek history.

Rhodes has long been known is known for its tradition in pottery and ceramics.

Records show how clay bricks from Rhodes were used in the construction of the dome of the magnificent Hagia Sofia Byzantine church in Istanbul.

We head to the north side of the island enjoying the panoramic views of the sweeping Rhodian countryside.
At the Bonis Ceramic Factory we find out about the various techniques adopted in pottery making. After a demonstration from one of the craftsmen, you will be invited to enhance your pottery skills and gain a very good hands-on understanding of the various techniques in order to help you make your own ceramic item. It will be shipped back to you.

After your hard work you will have earned some refreshing ouzo and Greek meze at the factory showroom before we head back to Rhodes Town.

This tour has a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 16 guests and lasts four and half hours.

864w x 530h Making Pottery Fit for the Gods RHO 17
795w x 530h Making Pottery Fit for the Gods RHO 17 panoramic views of the Rhodian countryside
795w x 530h Making Pottery Fit for the Gods RHO 17 Making a mess

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