Floating Mats (S.O.B)

Floating Mats (S.O.B)

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Get ready for some floating fun

The perfect way to spend a sunny day! With a floating mat, you can enjoy hours of
fun on the ocean. Paddle around, jump on and off, or simply lay back and enjoy the
splashing and laughter around you. This simple and safe water toy can
accommodate several people, making it an ideal floating dock for families or groups
of friends, or somewhere to use as a base for various water sports.

We’ll arrange your mat hire from the ship, so you can collect it once we arrive on the
Please note: the lifeguards on the beach only speak English. The mat is not available
to guests with mobility problems or using a wheelchair. Guests are recommended to
wear sport shoes and high-factor sunscreen. Guests must be at least 8 years of age
to take part.

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Sailing: November 25, 2024

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Sailing: November 25, 2024

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Sailing: November 9, 2024

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Sailing: November 15, 2024

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