Rich history of a famous Greek winery

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Rich history of a
famous Greek winery

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unforgettable and fully sensual experience

This is what we might call a full bodied tour to the slopes of Epanomi Hills, a short distance from the city of Thessaloniki.

More than any other type of alcohol, wine has the uncanny ability to stimulate your senses and bring the greatest pleasure to your taste buds as well as sight and smell.
A good wine can have magical qualities which is why people talk about it in the way they do.

So for wine lovers, our trip to Ktima Geravassilou will be an unforgettable and fully sensual experience.

This is one of the most reputed wine companies in Greece having been in business for more than 40 years.

We are led by a knowledgeable wine-guide who will share their passion and show us the meticulously tended 71-hectare vineyard, wine production, bottling, ageing areas and the wine museum.

You can choose the labels you wish to taste or opt for one of the specially designed wine experiences.

Among the international names, the grapes used include Chardonnay, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and Merlot.
The local white wine includes Malagaousia and Assyrtiko and the reds Limnio, Mavroudi and Mavrotragano.
All have a rich history.

Current and rare past vintages, tasty combinations and the magnificent view of the imposing vineyard are at the heart of your visit to Ktima Gerovassiliou.

795w x 530h Rich History of Famous Greek Winery THS 09 Ktima Gerovassiliou
795w x 530h Rich History of Famous Greek Winery THS 09 Ktima Gerovassiliou
795w x 530h Rich History of Famous Greek Winery THS 09

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