Land of Alexander the Great

Land of Alexander the Great

Full Day

Visit The Royal Tombs of Vergina

This is a remarkable, historic, full-day excursion combining the glories of Pella with those of Vergina, and it includes lunch overlooking the stunning Aliakmon Valley.

We begin with a 45-minute drive by air-conditioned motor coach to Pella, the birthplace of Alexander the Great and the second capital of ancient Macedonia.

Alexander, Emperor in the 4th Century BC, was undefeated in battle and is widely considered one of history’s most successful military commanders.

For 250 years Pella was the cultural centre of the Ancient Greek world and as the seat of the royal family, enjoyed its greatest prosperity during the reign of Alexander. Archaeological excavations have uncovered public buildings and luxurious private homes with intricate marble-floor mosaics along with a plethora of delicate clay figurines and vases.

We have the opportunity to view these and many other treasures before heading to the city of Veria where we will enjoy a three-course lunch will be served at a local restaurant overlooking the immense Aliakmon Valley.
Our next stop is Vergina, where we visit the tomb of King Philip II of Macedonia. Dating from 335 BC, the bones of the king are covered with a golden wreath of oak leaves.
Also here are the king’s iron helmet and a cache of weapons. As well as King Philip’s tomb and personal effects, we will see well-preserved examples of large-scale classical painting and numerous carved, painted steles of ordinary citizens. We have an hour’s drive by coach back to the ship.


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