Rhodes Unchartered Discovery

Rhodes Unchartered Discovery

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Rhodes Unchartered Discovery

Our adventure begins as we board a 4×4 vehicle and drive south from the main town of Rhodes. Along with your Natioanl Geographic guide Thanasis Christodoulou, a published contributor to National Geographic Magazine in Greece, and a permanent citizen of Rhodes, you’ll drive through local villages and on unchartered trails. Along the way, stop for brief walks around various points of interest on the island.

After passing the villages of Filerimos and Pastida, your first stop will be at a historical landmark that offers a spectacular panoramic view of Rhodes from high above. The journey continues an exciting off-road route, passing through Psinthos Village and arriving at Ranger Hut View, a spot where North and South Island conifers, oaks, thyme, capers, cyclamens, and many other wildflowers can be observed.
Thanasis will share his local experience about the vegetation and wildlife of the area. You’ll also learn about how the climate and the island’s location are vital regulators in the growth of various plants, as well as which animals have survived here over the years. During the drive you’ll be captivated by the stunning landscapes, country roads, quaint villages, natural springs, and local stories.

As you continue our off-road exploration, you’ll reach Fountoukli, where you’ll visit the Saint Nikolaos Holy Church, which is in a vibrant plot of greenery with noble, centuries-old olive trees, figs and plane trees. The village of Platania is your next stop where you’ll visit a family-owned taverna, Perama, for a specially prepared platter of Greek mezedes, a selection of small dishes. During your meal, you’ll have time to share your impressions of Rhodes with Thanasis.
On your drive back to the port you’ll follow an asphalt route that takes us through the villages of Eleousa, Arch8ipoli and Seven Springs.

Based on our commitment to sustainable tourism, this National Geographic Day Tour is certified against the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from this National Geographic Day Tour will go back to the National Geographic Society to fund research and sustainable programs around the world.

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