Experience the Tradition

Experience the Tradition

Half Day

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Coastal Views

This is a wonderfully delicious culinary tour which will give you an authentic and mouthwatering taste of Cyprus
Not only will you prepare and sample tasty local dishes but you’ll also take part in the time-honoured tradition of basket-weaving – all in the beautiful surroundings of a traditional house belonging to an agricultural family.

The location is the village of Choirokitia around 40 minutes drive from the popular tourist hub of Limassol. After a short stroll through the village’s picturesque alleys, we will be welcomed by Petros and his family at their traditional country house with its gorgeous courtyard. Petros is a great culinary talent specialising in Cypriot cuisine and also a highly experienced basket weaver. First we have the chance to participate in the preparation of fresh Halloumi and Anari cheeses.

Then, with the cheese boiling process underway, Petros will show us how to weave traditional baskets out of thin bamboo. Pay close attention, because shortly afterwards it will be your turn.

And since no effort should go unrewarded, you will get to savour all the Cyprus specialties, halloumi cheese, anari (sweet) warm cheese with honey or carob syrup, local olives, homemade bread, cucumber, tomato, fresh lemonade, water, Cyprus coffee.

This is one traditional and authentic experience that is definitely not to be missed. Finally, our bus ride back to the port will be through Limassol and along the coast.

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