A delicious taste of ‘liquid gold’

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A delicious taste of ‘liquid gold’

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What could possibly be more Greek?

If you have tasted liquid gold before, it has probably never been as authentic this.

This Pelion peninsula is a little known Greek jewel with the port city of Volos more or less half way between Athens and Thessaloniki on the east coast. From snowy mountains to beautiful beaches Pelion has everything with the added advantage of being relatively untouched by mass tourism.
So this will be real journey of personal discovery for you. You can feel you are really new ground and visiting somewhere than many people would not be able to place on a map, or indeed would not have heard of. Discover the world of beautiful Pelion and what we call liquid gold and find out first hand what makes the very best Greek olive oil so special. For centuries, olives and olive oil have been an essential in every Pelion home and a source of pride and joy for those who produce it. They love to share it.

Authentic Pelion olive oil comes from specific olive varieties and has a pungent taste and a smell of fresh-cut grass.  Our tour begins with a drive along the coastal side of South Pelion. At the village of Koropi, you feel at one with the natural environment as we stroll through the olive trees and learn all about various olive, the production process and a few little secrets from the local producer. But don’t tell anyone. You are very welcome to join in with the harvesting of the oils.

After this wonderful experience getting to the heart of such an important part of Greek life and culture, we’ll head to an olive mill to watch the extra virgin oil being produced and taste it fresh and warm with some snacks. What could possibly be more Greek?

795w x 530h A Delicious Taste of Liquid Gold VOL 07 Pelion
795w x 530h A Delicious Taste of Liquid Gold VOL 07 Koropi
795w x 530h A Delicious Taste of Liquid Gold VOL 07

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