Trek to the heart and soul of Milos

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Trek to the heart and soul of Milos


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a real spiritual dimension

This wonderful trek of discovery with an experienced guide takes us along the northern part of the island and one of its most impressive and awe inspiring landscapes.
Of all our excursions, this bring us the closest to the natural environment and you may well feel it to have a real spiritual dimension.

Our first stop is the Cave of Papafragas for a chat about its archaeological and geological history.
Centuries ago, Papafragas was a base for pirates to hide and is now one of the most visited destinations on the island.

Now our hike begins.
The coastal path gives us four very different landscapes and is relatively flat making it easy for the average hiker.
Part way through there’s a stop for water, fruit and a short break.

There is no shade on the trek so everyone is asked to come fully prepared.

Our walk is around 6.5km and finishes in Saraniko where we will be able to swim in the cove and fully appreciate this unique location.

The north winds have shaped the greyish-white volcanic rock into amazing shape.

The dazzling white rocks forming large and small caves in the sea, reflect the sunlight by day and the moonlight at night, creating the impression of a lunar landscape.
The breathtaking tour is around five hours, with the trek taking three hours.

864w x 530h Trek to the heart and soul of Milos MIL 14
795w x 530h Trek to the heart and soul of Milos MIL 14 Rock formations of Sarakiniko
795w x 530h Trek to the heart and soul of Milos MIL 14

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