Snorkelling at Arabian Fjords

Snorkelling at Arabian Fjords

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Snorkelling in the Khawr Shamm fjord

Khawr Shamm is Musandam’s longest and arguably most spectacular fjord, home to Telegraph Island and your destination for this blissful half day trip.

You’ll travel by dhow from Kashab’s port to the narrow opening of the Khawr Shamm fjord, where the soaring cliffs will seem to part and allow you entrance. Then you’ll
cruise to the middle of the fjord, where Telegraph Island rises from the water and the remains of the telegraph station can be seen. Five years after it was established to
protect the telegraph cable running from India to Iraq it was abandoned, the Eurpoean’s in charge unable to bear the climate.

An hour’s snorkelling in the pristine waters around the island will set you up for the return to Kashab Marina with photo stops on the way. Keep your fingers crossed for
the dolphins that often accompany the boats sailing along Khasab’s coastline. The perfect end to a relaxing day.

Young women at snorkeling in the tropical water
Endangered species wild Zebra Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) swimming