A Geological wonder 4×4 adventure

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A Geological wonder 4×4 adventure

Half Day

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a real sensory experience

This is an intriguing journey of discovery where you will be immersed in the geological treasures of Milos.
It’s a tour to stimulate the mind, body and soul.
Milos emerged from the sea during a volcanic eruption so it is little surprise this southernmost island in the Cyclades is a breathtaking geological wonder as well one of the most beautiful places on earth.

We travel by 4×4 and go where conventional vehicles cannot
We can see, feel and hear the real Milos.
You will be awestruck by this experience, based on the Miloterranean Geo Walks, an extensive network of seven stunning paths.

Our tour includes a short guided visit the Milos Mining Museum, an outdoor experience allowing us to learn more about the mining history of the island thanks to a team of cartographers, historians, forestry experts, geologists and mining engineers together with the help of a lecturer from the museum.

There’s the chance to see the Obsidian Collection of Zafeiris Vaos. It consists of artifacts made of obsidian, an igneous rock characteristic of Milos and forms a very important chapter in the archeology of early Aegean tool-making.

Then we will experience the abandoned salt fields, the thermal waters of Kanava (weather permitting), the crater of Fyriplaka and the fumaroles of Kalamos.
There’s also the famous sulphur mines and Aggeria, one of the biggest open bentonite mines in the world.
This is an exclusive tour with a maximum of four people in each vehicle. And it’s a real sensory experience.

864w x 530h A Geological Wonder 4x4 Adventure MIL 09
795w x 530h A Geological Wonder 4x4 Adventure MIL 09 Milos Old Sulphur Mine On Thiorichia Beach
795w x 530h A Geological Wonder 4x4 Adventure MIL 09

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