Shorex Conditions



These Terms and Conditions set out the conditions on which Shore Excursions are offered for sale and is the basis upon which a contract for Shore Excursions is concluded.

Some excursions are very popular and therefore availability cannot always be guaranteed. It is advisable to book early to avoid disappointment. We take pleasure in offering to all our guests a range of Shore Excursions.

RESERVATIONS: All guests are welcome to book any Shore Excursion, however, it is important to note that participation in some Shore Excursions’ for anyone with special needs might be restricted due to insufficient/inappropriate ground services for example the absence of ramps, and other appropriate facilities for persons with reduced mobility. It is also important to note that at times disembarkation of guests at certain ports may take place by tenders. You must therefore at the time of booking make known any disabilities or health conditions which may affect your ability or the ability of anyone in your party to participate in any of the excursions. We do not take any responsibility with regard to any Shore Excursions sold by us where any important information about you or any member of your party’s ability to participate has not been communicated to us at the time of booking.

FARE AND ITINERARY: Shore Excursion fares are subject to change and may occasionally vary from published rates. These changes may occur due to unexpected increases in the cost of transportation, and/or land arrangements and/or major currency fluctuations. Itineraries may also alter depending on local conditions and/or any unforeseen problems in relation to the timing on the day of the tour. All durations stated are approximate.

RATES QUOTED IN FOREIGN CURRENCY: As the currency on board is Euro, Shore Excursion fares quoted in Pound Sterling and USD are only given as an indication. We reserve the right to readjust fares, based on the applicable ship’s Euro exchange rate. All rates are based on tariffs available at the time of costing and are subject to increase without notice of such rate change prior to the commencement of the shore excursion.

CHILDREN’S FARES: Children’s fares refer to children who have had their 2 rd birthday – and are not yet 12 years of age.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Any unused Shore Excursion tickets are NON REFUNDABLE.

Cancellations cannot be accepted after the booking deadline for each tour (to be checked on the Daily Program or at the Shore Excursion Office)

REFUND: can only be made when a medical note from the ship’s doctor is produced. Guests with walking difficulties should consult a member of the Shore Excursion

Team for advice which excursion is best suited for them before booking.

TRANSPORTATION: Guests should keep in mind that the standard of transportation varies throughout the world and on this basis there may be rare cases where in some ports air-conditioned motor coaches may not be available.

MINIMUM NUMBER OF GUESTS AND TOUR GUIDE SERVICES: Each tour generally requires a minimum number of 30 participants (although some tours may require more than 30 participants) to be conducted. Whenever possible, every effort shall be made for trained guides to be provided by the supplier in the requested language based on the above mentioned minimum participation. In case a guide in a requested language is not available, we shall try to provide assistance from the on board Shore Excursion Staff, when it is possible to do so, who will be happy to translate in the appropriate language although the shore excursion staff are not professional translators and we are not liable for any mistakes made by the shore excursion staff. If there are not at least 30 participants who speak the same language, we may organize a bilingual bus with a guide speaking two languages provided that there is a minimum participation of 15 guests per language. The company cannot accept any liability if the minimum number of participants is not available and in those circumstances if an excursion is canceled the guest  will only be entitled to a refund of the fare of the excursion and nothing else. For any queries in respect of the above, please contact the on board Shore Excursion Team who shall be happy to assist you.

However, please note that, the Shore Excursion office reserves the right to cancel any of the tours and advise guests accordingly, if the minimum number of participants to operate them has not been reached (as per the booking conditions minimum to be reached is 30 guests).

SMOKING POLICY: Regrettably, we are unable to provide a smoking section on the motor coaches. We appreciate your cooperation and will try to arrange, whenever possible, frequent opportunities for those smokers to smoke outside the motor coaches.

SHOPPING: In certain Shore Excursions, time for optional shopping is allocated. As excursions are not primarily designed for shopping, time has been limited. When such shopping is included, guests must note their meeting time and place, and are expected to always be prompt so that other guests on the excursion are not put to any unnecessary delay and inconvenience. We are not responsible for any issues that may arise with any purchased goods.

SPECIALLY CUSTOMISED TOURS: You may be able to book special designed/customised Shore Excursions to suit your individual/group’s needs should you not wish to participate in one of the regular Shore Excursions on offer. These tours range from private tours to tours which operate on a completely different Itinerary to the regular tours. These tours can be arranged for individual guests and/or groups.

MINORS: Minors participating in such shore excursions must always be in the custody of a parent or legal guardian, or an adult appointed by their parent or legal guardian.

No employee of the owning company of the vessel or its representatives can be appointed with custody of a minor.

MEETING POINT AND TIME: The starting time of all tours is governed by the ship’s arrival in port.

Gusets should note that the ship is under no liability to wait for the Guset who may be detained by the authorities and that the Guset is required to indemnify the Carrier and owners for any fines and or delays or other costs that the Carrier or owner of the ship may incur.

TOUR CHANGES: may be made without prior notice due to local customs, holidays and other reasons not known at the time of going to print. Port times are subject to change without prior notice.

SECURITY: Please be vigilant of pick pockets and look after your personal belongings at all times, do not leave any valuable item on the motor coach. Do not carry unnecessary valuables with you while ashore.

RECOMMENDED DRESS CODE: Keep knees and shoulders covered when visiting religious buildings. You may be refused entry if you are inappropriately dressed. Some archaeological sites have steps and the ground is uneven. Please wear comfortable clothes and good walking shoes.


We are not liable or responsible for any Shore Excursion not sold by us. Shore Excursions are performed by independent contractors who may themselves engage the services of local suppliers. We will arrange for any excursion sold by us to be performed by relevant excursion providers. We shall not be responsible for the acts/omissions of the excursion supplier. Please note that in relation to all excursions we are not responsible or liable for any loss, damage, or injury sustained by you unless such loss, damage or injury arises out of a breach of legal duty of ours. We will exercise reasonable care and skill in the selection of the excursion provider but will not in any circumstances have a greater liability than the excursion supplier. We will at all times endeavour to appoint reputable and competent local operators who comply with all prevailing local laws, rules, regulations and standards. Standards of hygiene accommodation and transport may vary from country to country. In the event of a complaint or claim by a Guset the Shore Excursion contract with the Guset will be regarded as having been performed if local laws and regulations have been fully complied with, notwithstanding the law of the Guset Contract relating to their cruise. We will not be responsible for any improper performance or injury which is wholly attributable to the fault of the guest or anyone in their party and or the unforeseen or unavoidable act or omission of a third party unconnected with the provision of the services under the Shore Excursion to be provided and or the unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control and or the relevant supplier the consequences of which could not even with all due care have been foreseen or forestalled.

GENERAL CONDITIONS AND RESPONSIBILITIES: All tickets, receipts, coupons and contracts are issued subject to all terms and conditions under which such means of transportation, accommodation and other shore excursion services are offered and provided, and by acceptance of such tickets, receipts, coupons and contracts, you agree to the terms and conditions. All carriage by land, air and sea is subject to the terms and conditions of carriage of the actual carrier. These may limit or exclude liability. They are expressly incorporated into these terms and conditions. All shore excursions shall be subjected to the laws of the country in which such shore excursions are being undertaken and all disputes shall be resolved in the courts of such country. The Shore Excursion provider reserves the right to exclude any person from a shore excursion when in their opinion the conduct of such person would be detrimental, inharmonious or incompatible with the interest, comfort, safety or welfare of the group as a whole if that person came on the excursion. The removing of any cultural items as souvenirs is strictly forbidden and punishable in accordance with local laws.

All Shore Excursions are subject to these terms and conditions.