Explore the history, the monuments and the beauty of Central Macedonia

Dazzled by its ethereal beauty. Immersed in its rich history. Get to know Thessaloniki, and feel the stars align on your Celestyal getaway to Central Macedonia.

Few spots on the Aegean have the charm and the energy of Thessaloniki. The atmosphere is a breath of fresh air, with street food stalls selling divine delights and locals keen to share their wisdom of the city’s wondrous past. And beyond the bustle, the sea glistens and creates the perfect atmosphere for an afternoon coffee before heading out to the next adventure.

For first-timers or avid returners, getting to know the REAL Thessaloniki is just another day on your Celestyal cruise, as our expert local guide shows you the hidden gems on this magical voyage. From the famous White Tower of Thessaloniki’s old town, watching proudly over the city, to the royal tombs of nearby Vergina, a Celestyal experience gets you closer to the heart and soul of Greece.



Thessaloniki: Live the myth, experience the history, and the beauty

A city to broaden your horizons and fill you with positive energy, Thessaloniki lights up the Central Macedonian sky. Explore at your own pace and savor every moment – a cold coffee frappé and the sweet crunch of fresh bougatsa under the echoes of ancient architecture. Uncover the tales of a truly iconic metropolis and come face to face with the culture capital of Greece.

We all know the key to many people’s hearts is good food, and Celestyal’s guided tour enables you to Discover Thessaloniki on Foot. You’ll be taken on a star-studded exploration of fresh Greek cuisine with local fresh products. Walk along the waterfront to Aristotelous Square to get a cultural feeling of the city’s beating heart. Here you’ll find the soaring symbol of Ottoman Rule in all its glory: the White Tower. Along the way, you will take a food voyage through European, Mediterranean and Eastern cuisine. From the famous trigona panoramatos from Panorama to the classic koulouri of Thessaloniki, you can eat and drink the day away.

Then, join an expert guide on the Panoramic Thessaloniki excursion to see the city in all its glory. Feel the tales of the past come to life, as you travel back to the 5th century and discover The Church of St Demetrius, the patron saint of Thessaloniki. Visit the castle in Ano Poli and enjoy views over the city, the Thermaic Gulf and Mount Olympus far on the horizon.

But if you’re looking for a more laid-back experience, the stars have aligned for you once more. Look no further than our Rich History of a Famous Greek Winery tour. Indulge in a VIP experience in the nearby wineries. Visit Ktima Gerovassiliou, the winery museum in the Epanomi Hills, and taste excellent wines made from local grapes that will elevate your senses into the stratosphere.





Pella: the birthplace of Macedonian kings

A trip to Pella, the capital of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia opens up new ancient realms for your discovery. Step back in time on our Land of Alexander the Great tour and explore the lives of his warriors. Walk along the ruins and imagine how past civilizations lived, and where the iconic figure slept, laughed, danced and planned his fiercest battles in the excavated homes. Follow your guide through the history books and examine the mosaics of a kingdom gone by.





Imathia: The land of ancient Macedonians

Roaming ancient worlds knows no bounds with Celestyal. Embark on the Royal Tombs of Vergina tour and unlock a sense of magical reverence. The place where Alexander the Great, the son of Philip II, was announced King and drafted his plans for his trip to Asia. Walk through the archeological site and see the tomb of King Philip II at the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Aigai. See the wall paintings that instantly transport you back to a lavish palace. It’s not hard to see why this is one of Greece’s most important museums and an unmissable stop on your Celestyal adventure.





Halkidiki: The place of your dreams

It is undoubtedly heaven on earth. In a land of such starry-eyed discovery, it’s important to take time to realign your energy levels. Halkidiki is the perfect place. The sea twinkles like a pool of shooting stars, and you can take some me-time to feel grounded in this most divine of destinations.

There’s no need for you to lift a finger. Let us take you to a spot known for its calming vibe and lapping emerald water sea, on one of our many beach transfers, where you can restore and nourish your body by experiencing a truly Greek state of relaxation. And then join other travelers at the biggest beach bar in the country, where a cocktail or fresh local cuisine will send you into a state of existential bliss.





Central Macedonia: Your next star destination

Packed with boundless beauty, Central Macedonia is a shining light on your itinerary. Crusader castles like Platamon uphold the land’s incredible history within towering walls. Mystical realms at Skra Waterfalls are breathtaking for all who discover them. Divine Mount Olympus – the highest mountain in Greece. Along with its wonderfully vibrant capital, Thessaloniki, Central Macedonia will charm you and will make you want to come back again and again.

So, start your adventure dream today with Celestyal – and begin your journey to Greece’s cultural capital. It’s time to Do something GREAT.


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