Seaworld Yas Island Tour

Seaworld Yas Island Tour

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Sensational SeaWorld

Get up close and personal with more than 100,000 sea creatures and marine animals
at SeaWorld on Yas Island, the region’s first marine life theme park.

Be guided through the park’s eight carefully considered realms, where a different
marine environment is brought to life – from the poles to the tropics. You’ll watch
penguins at play, dolphins and sea lions demonstrating their agility, not to mention
sea otters, sharks, turtles, and the 68,000 inhabitants of the world’s largest multi-
species marine life aquarium.

As well as this dazzling array of sea life, there are expert presentations, where you
can learn more about the marine animals and their habitats, plus SeaWorld’s
admirable conservation efforts. And for the kids and young at heart there are thrilling
rides and interactive experiences.

Join us for what promises to be a day full of fun and new discoveries for the whole

Endangered species wild Zebra Leopard Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) swimming
DUB 08 Lost Chambers Aquarium

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