Grand Tour of Abu Dhabi

Grand Tour of Abu Dhabi

Half day

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The best of Abu Dhabi

Get a taste for opulent Abu Dhabi in this half day introduction to some of the city’s
most famous landmarks and attractions.

First destination of the day will be the Sheikh Zayed Mosque – the largest in the UAE
and a stunning example of neo-Islamic architecture. 1,000 pillars support 82 marble
domes and four minarets in this sprawling complex that covers more than 30 acres.

Capture the dramatic contrast between Its startling white marble exterior and the
bright blue Middle Eastern sky that is its backdrop.

Next we’ll drive along the Corniche Road, which sweeps around the main Abu Dhabi
island, with its distinctive skyline of futuristic glass skyscrapers. There’ll be plenty of
opportunities to take photos of these spectacular buildings, including the famous
Emirates Palace Hotel with its 114 domes and 1.3km of private beach.

Then it’s off to the dates market, passing the Manarat Al Saadyat arts and cultural
centre and its arresting honeycomb exterior on the way. Sample and stock up on a
variety of delicious dates at the market. With thousands to choose from, alongside
other traditional Arabic produce, you’re bound to find a few gifts and souvenirs
before we head back to port.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi
The Corniche of Doha, Qatar

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