Meet The Crew: Tereza Alevizou

Meet The Crew: Tereza Alevizou

Tereza Alevizou

We talked to Tereza Alevizou, Cruise Director of the Celestyal Journey, about what it’s like to organise entertainment for dozens of different nationalities, and what goes into preparing the onboard shows.

1. How long have you worked at Celestyal?
I’ve been with the company since 2009. I’ve had some of my best times here, and I’m really proud of my path.

2. Can you tell us about a typical day for you and your team?
There are 39 of us, responsible for all activities on board: shows, music, sound and light. We’re at check in, we’re at the welcome meetings, we dance with guests in the dance lessons, and we’re there for disembarkation.

The most important part for me is the shows. We have the same team performing different shows every night on a seven day cruise, some nights with a double show. The team works really hard, and I’m really proud of them.

3. How does your team prepare for the shows?
Every morning, the team prepares and checks their costumes. Once a week we run through what we have, what we need, and whether we should change any of the acts. The performers rehearse right through the season, trying different things and making changes – we can always make things better!


4. What other entertainment can guests expect on board?
We try to match activities with destinations, to give them extra meaning. We have a Greek language lesson going to Rhodes; a Greek dance lesson before our Greek night. We even have a white night when we’re in Limassol because Cyprus is the island of Aphrodite.

In the summer, we run a lot of activities by the pool: team games or even dance lessons – Caribbean or Latin or Greek. When it’s cooler, we do more indoors, putting on lots of different kinds of music for the guests to enjoy.

5. Which activity is the most popular?
The Sirtaki lesson is always packed. I love seeing people trying Greek dancing, you can see the excitement on their faces. And it doesn’t matter if you can do it or not. Just come and have fun, then give it a go at our Greek night.

6. How do you cater for so many different nationalities?
We give ourselves space to change. A few days before the cruise we see what nationalities we have, and if we have to change something, we do it. It could be the dance lessons, or the languages when we’re presenting, or even the acts in the show.

7. What do the crew do in their spare time?
We’re trying to get a regular dinner night, where we cook for our team. Different members of the crew take it in turns to put on an apron, make food from their own country, play music, make jokes, eat, then get back to work. Sharing food like this brings people closer to home, so they really enjoy it.

I also try to get the crew out together when we get the chance – usually somewhere close to the port because we don’t have a lot of time. But we try to find somewhere with a bit of privacy, maybe close to the beach, with some tavernas so we can have some drinks, eat some food, and enjoy ourselves.

8. Tell us something surprising that you’ve been asked for?
We had two best friends travelling with us, where one was celebrating their 60th birthday. The other wanted to arrange surprises from midnight all the way through into the evening. So we had a day of champagne, cake and the whole department with balloons, and even called them up on stage during the show.

9. What have you adopted from Greek culture?
I’m half Greek and half Dominican, so the culture is already in my blood! We are happy people, more than the usual sometimes. So I would say that I try to spread that happiness wherever I can.

10. What does Filoxenia mean to you?
For me, it’s about giving people space to relax and be themselves. We try to adjust according to our guests – we’ll adapt the languages we use, activities we do, and even the food we serve depending on the nationalities on board. We’re not asking guests to adjust to us. We want them to be comfortable and know that they are heard; that they’re visible; that we know they’re here. That’s something I believe you won’t find in other companies.