Meet the crew: Adrian

Meet the crew: Adrian


We talked to Adrian Zamfir, Celestyal stalwart and Maitre-D on board the Journey. He told us about his favourite foods and where to get them on board. As well as the challenges of keeping so many different nationalities happy.

1. What does a typical day look like for you?
I try and get everywhere on the ship during the day. So in the morning I go straight to The Taverna on Deck 11, which is the most popular venue on board. 60% to 70% of the guests have their breakfast and lunch there. Then I pass to each of our six restaurants to say hello to any guests enjoying a meal there. After that it’s office work – answering emails, planning events and working out the staff schedule.


2. What’s your favourite part of the job?
Connecting with the guests. I’ve become very good at reading people. For example, when I pass a table I’ll check to see whether a guest is eating or not, and if they’re not I’ll ask if everything’s alright. It’s very important to get feedback, to take the pulse of the guests.

3. Where’s your favourite place on the ship?
I think, like our guests, it’s probably Deck 11. It has a beautiful taverna area and a more casual atmosphere, which makes it very popular.

4. What’s your favourite onboard meal?
It’s hard to pick one. But I’d say my favourite dish is the seafood risotto. I also love the moussaka. And of course the baklava is a winner. A la mode with a scoop of ice cream, it makes it even more exciting.

5. How do you manage to keep so many nationalities happy?
It’s not easy! We can have guests from China, Spain, America, Bulgaria, Germany, France and the UK in the same restaurant. But our chef has managed to create two seasonal menus that suit everyone. Everyone can find something on the menu to their liking.

6. Which are some of the restaurants guests should check out?
If you’re a meat lover, then Grill Seekers is the place to go. As well as steaks, you can get the Nigerian jumbo shrimp, lobster tail and surf and turf, which is amazing. The Pink Moon serves some lovely pan-Asian dishes – ramen, wonton etc. If you’re looking for an Italian twist, then you can get pasta, risotto and pizza at the Smoked Olive. But for a beautiful private dining experience, you can’t beat the six-course menu at the Chef’s Table.

7. And what can you tell us about the giant pepper mills?
Ha! That’s just a bit of restaurant show business. We have two giant pepper mills that are almost as tall as I am! We bring them out when a guest says yes to black pepper. It always puts a smile on their faces.

8. Tell us something surprising about yourself
A lot of guests think I’m Greek, but I’m actually Romanian. I speak eight languages and live in Cyprus.

9. What have you adopted from Greek culture?
A love of Greek food. As well as the moussaka and baklava, I love the octopus carpaccio and the octopus keftedes (meatballs) with fava. And I love to speak Greek. I wish I had the opportunity to speak it more.

10. What does Filoxenia mean to you?
Friendship and the family environment we create on the ship. You feel that warm family atmosphere in every department, which is the result of great teamwork.