Free of charge and full of beauty

You see the glistening blue harbour waters. You reminisce under the glorious sunsets. You smell authentic Greek food drifting through the air. A stop-off at Mykonos in our free shuttle bus is a favourite for many Celestyal cruisers. There are a thousand reasons why, and if there’s anyone who can help you discover them, it’s us.

The real Mykonos lies within its Old Town. Known by locals as ‘Chora’, meaning ‘the town’, its intimate winding backstreets offer wanderers a taste of the island’s true essence. An experience not to be missed – which is why we offer a free, nonstop shuttle straight from your Celestyal cruise to the Old Town.

Make the most of Mykonos
In the heart of the Cyclades, Mykonos reins as one of the islands’ most captivating destinations, the Old Town the jewel in its crown – and getting there has never been easier than with our shuttle.

Whether you can hardly wait to go upon arrival, or want to venture out once you’ve settled in, there’s a shuttle at all times of the day. Hop on in the cool breeze of the early morning and enjoy your morning coffee in Mykonos, cool off in the dappled afternoon shade among the narrow streets or take an evening trip to watch the glittering moonlit water on the harbour. Any time of day, Mykonos Old Town is waiting for you – and we’ll be ready to take you there at no extra cost. 

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