Soulful Experience

Our Greek Odyssey has an undoubted spiritual dimension.
Perhaps this is no surprise when you consider how important the history of Christianity is to the places we visit of our voyage of discovery.

This certainly true of Patmos, one of the northernmost islands of the Dodecanese and a significant Christian pilgrimage site.

You can almost feel its strong spiritual character and you may find your time here a truly moving, soulful experience.
The Cave of the Apocalypse is where John of Patmos or St John the Theologian is said have received the visions he wrote of in the Book of Revelations.

A fortresslike, 11th-century monastery dedicated to John overlooks the whitewashed houses of the hilltop capital, Hora (also known as Chora).

In Chora, next to the Monastery of Zoodochos Pigi, is the unique 1625 mansion of Simandiri, which is where we are headed.

The mansion has been converted into a folklore museum, a genuine cultural gem and monument. It has been beautifully preserved for eight generations now, the second oldest building in the town.

The lady of the house, Morfoula Simantiri is our host and guide, gracefully presenting her precious handmade embroideries. She is a member of the eighth generation.
Here you can step back in time in the intimate setting and glimpse everyday life in Patmos during the past centuries through furniture, paintings, photographs, traditional tools and everyday objects.

We hope you will be enthralled by this beautiful home, constructed by craftsmen from Asia Minor. You will be able to admire the traditional architecture of Patmos in the vaulted ceilings in an open ground floor swept by stunning arches.

Discover in the rooms antique furniture and silverware from 17th Century Russia, valuable artwork and icons from the 15th to 17th centuries. The mansion is veritable treasure trove and time machine which intrigues and fascinates.

795w x 530h Capturing the true spirit of Chora PAT 06 Mansion of Simandiri
795w x 530h Capturing the true spirit of Chora PAT 06 Chora
795w x 530h Capturing the true spirit of Chora PAT 06

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