Icons of Abu Dhabi

Icons of Abu Dhabi

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Explore the icons of Abu Dhabi

Join us on a cultural tour of discovery through magnificent Abu Dhabi, with a closer
look at two of the city’s most iconic landmarks.
After a quick photo stop to capture the grandeur of Abu Dhabi’s iconic skyline, we’ll
head to our first destination: Qasr Al Watan Palace. The presidential palace of the
United Arab Emirates is not only spectacular to look at, it is a celebration of the UAE’s

Made of granite and limestone, this mainly white palace is very intricately designed.
Walk through the Great Hall and the extensive gardens and you cannot help but be
impressed by its opulence and splendour. A 37 metre dome tops the central
chamber and a magnificent chandelier includes no fewer than 350,000 pieces of

From the seat of state power to the realm of the spiritual; our second stop is the
stunning Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. Rising out of beautifully manicured gardens
and tranquil pools, the mosque’s architecture is a carefully considered combination of Middle Eastern styles. Covering more than 30 acres, it is the country’s largest
mosque and boasts 1,000 pillars supporting 82 marble domes and four minarets.

Keep your cameras close at hand as you enjoy a glimpse into the rich tapestry of
Abu Dhabi’s cultural legacy.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates