Coffee on Deck: Crete

Back to the island of 3,000,000 olive trees…

Good morning, Crete. You were just as we remembered. Blue waters, quaint churches and all those olive trees. Oh, how we’ve missed you!

For an authentic taste of Greek island life, there’s no better spot than Crete. Tradition is such a huge part of daily life here. There are villages that have been here since the 7th century and are still just as stunning as ever. And talk about flavour! Olive oil, bekri (spicy beef), raki, wine and honey are all made on this island in the Med.

For this kind of insight into Crete, some of our guests are heading out on the Heraklion Food on Foot tour. They’ll get to taste everything from olives to locally made cheese to (our fave) an authentic filo custard pie. And as they’ll be walking it off, this is the ultimate excuse to all-out indulge.

An excursion for everyoneThis morning, we soaked up Greek island life the Cretan way. And that meant getting up into those glorious mountains and vineyards, visiting those traditional villages we love so much, and, of course, tasting some local delicacies. Local faces came to say hi and they were so excited to see us.

It’s one of the best excursions on the whole trip. Our guests get to see and taste things they wouldn’t normally be able to, like traditional Cretan dancers, locally made wine and street food – the kind that’s bursting with flavour. Plus, they get a view across the mountains and the Aegean. You can’t beat it.

With yet another coffee on deck, it feels like we’ve reconnected to the true Greek way of life. A way of life that’s unlike anywhere else in the world.