Serene Rhodes in a Day

Today’s all about Rhodes – an island of sand, summits and ancient stories brought to life.

It’s day three and, by now, our guests are really getting into the Greek spirit. We’ve shown them so much of our favourite islands already. And in return, they’ve shown us how cultures across the world let their hair down! This is one of the things we’ve been most excited to get back to.
Conversation, cocktails, coffee and capturing the view – we were so ready to do it all again today, on the island of Rhodes. There’s something for everyone, from clifftop sights to castle to laidback Turkish baths. Plus, there are loads of picture-perfect beaches to chill out on. Heaven.

Arriving in RhodesEveryone stepped out and felt the morning sun on their cheeks. Our journey from Patmos to Rhodes was almost complete. As Mandraki Harbour, and its historic stone walls, came into view, we knew we were in for yet another fantastic day.
High on the hill sits the Acropolis – a piece of history that never fails to get our groups buzzing with excitement. Having to make do with pictures for two years hasn’t been quite the same. Even though there were some red cheeks by the time they reached the top, the sights at the top of the hike made it all worthwhile.