A Sacred Afternoon on Rhodes

When the sun was high in the sky, we sought a bit of cool, calm shelter in the island’s holy places.

With so much to pack in during this cruise, it’s only natural to want a moment of peace from time to time. This afternoon, we strolled through the ruins of the Hellenistic Temple of Apollo then wandered up the hill to Philerimos and its monastery. It was bliss.

The shade of the cypress trees, the whooping of the gulls, and the gentle chatter of the group. And after we got a glimpse into the lives of medieval knights, it was time to refresh with a delicious portokalada (orangeade).

Some of us took a leisurely wander through the Medieval city. Even though a few of its buildings have stood since the 7th century (unbelievably!), we wouldn’t have known it from how intact they are. It was such a treat to step into this real-life time machine and get a glimpse of the Greek islands as they were years ago.

Making the Most of itFor some of us, the afternoon called for well-earned rest. Considering we had a whole day to make the most of Rhodes, there was plenty of time for a Greek siesta or to stretch out on the lounger. Plus a Mythos beer or two, of course. By the time the sun was in the west of the sky, we felt recharged and ready to go again.