A day of historical luxury in Bahrain

Much like the pearls that this city once thrived on discovering, Bahrain is a hidden gem. There’s the fast-paced, multicultural modern layer, with luxe lifestyles and an F1 Grand Prix, but dig a little deeper and you’ll prise out a fascinating historical tapestry, as well as a growing art and foodie scene.

Feel the need for speed

Of course, as this is the home of a Formula One Grand Prix, there are plenty of opportunities to get your adrenaline pumping . Bahrain’s International Circuit houses the F1 race track, but also boasts a dramatic off-road course built into the desert landscape. Designed to put the world’s leading 4x4s through their paces, it includes 32 natural and man-made obstacles, and offers a thrilling driving experience.

If you prefer, you can strap yourself in for some serious karting. The Bahrain International Circuit karting track was the first in the world to host a championship-level race at night ,but its state-of-the-art facilities are open to enthusiasts as well as die-hard racers. Put one of their agile karts through its paces on the 1.4 km track, designed to the highest international standards, and enjoy a true taste of the fast-paced life of motorsport.

Uncover historical Bahrain

There are so many incredible places to see in the city. Start with the majestic Al Fateh Grand Mosque. Its architecture reflects a combination of Middle Eastern styles, but its crowning glory is a giant fibreglass dome, weighing more than 60 tonnes. Then head to Manama’s bazaar, where you’ll find everything from clothes and antiques to spices and traditional medicines. 

From here, Bahrain Fort is a must-visit. The fort was built by the Portuguese in the 16th century but the site has been populated since 2,300 BC, making it one of the country’s most important historical places. And finally, call into the Al Jasra Handicraft Centre, for a chance to see examples of some of the country’s traditional crafts.

Dive into pearling history

Bahrain was the epicentre of the Gulf’s pearling trade for centuries, and even today protects this ancient industry by banning any cultivated pearls. Discover this rich history in a dedicated exhibit in Bahrain National Museum, then embark on the pearling pathway – 3.5km of walkway connecting three oyster beds, the Bu Mahir Fort and 17 buildings in the historical section of Muharraq.

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