Embarkation Protocols – Greece

Page updated on 13th January, 2022

Pre-Departure Requirements

Before we can embark on our cruise together, there is essential paperwork to be completed and presented at the port such as an approved COVID-19 vaccine certificate recognised by the Greek government for anyone travelling over the age of 12.

Current requirements for joining your cruise in Greece

We have put together a simple guide to help you understand what is required for you to embark your cruise from Greece hassle free. Please read the below information carefully and note that the requirements to join a cruise ship differ from that of the Greek government entry requirements. If you have any questions arising from this document please contact our customer service team. Failure to comply with the below requirements or exhibiting or caring for someone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 in the 14 days prior to embarkation will result in you being denied boarding.

If you are joining the cruise in Cyprus or Turkey, please note the requirements are different. Please contact our customer service team for this information.

Travelling into Greece

If you are traveling into Greece you will be required to complete a PLF (Passenger Locator Form). Visit travel. gov.gr to complete the PLF and check entry requirements in regards to travel from your place of origin.

Approved COVID-19 Vaccines

All guests aged 12 and older must present proof of three Greek government-approved COVID-19 vaccinations, having received their most recent dose at least 14 days before sailing. Guests who have received only two doses may still travel, but their second dose must have been administered no greater than 7 months before sailing. A COVID-19 recovery certificate up to three months old is also valid for travel. In accordance with these protocols, all Celestyal ships' staff are fully vaccinated.

Children, Over 60 or Underlying Medical Conditions

For children 6 to 11 years of age at time of embarkation (unless vaccinated), a negative Antigen rapid test certificate must be provided for a test taken within 48 hours prior to embarkation. Guests over 60 years of age and guests of any age with underlying medical conditions are strongly advised to visit a doctor for pre-travel medical consultation to assess if they are fit to travel.

Wearing a Mask

You are required to wear a mask in all indoor areas unless you are seated for meals or drinks. Masks are not required in outdoor spaces such as swimming pool areas or open decks, unless they are crowded and social distancing cannot be maintained. Refusal to comply with health protocols and the use of PPE onboard will result in you being denied boarding.

Travel Insurance

COVID-19 medical, cancellation and travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return.

On Board Protocols

Local law protocols require the daily temperature monitoring for all guests and crew. For this purpose, we have installed thermal scanners onboard. The thermal scanners are located by the lifts on your deck. Please remember to use these scanners every day by 12:00 noon the latest or before you go ashore, whichever comes first.

Documents for Check-In

You will need to present your e-ticket, passport, visa (if applicable), public health questionnaire downloadable here and your approved COVID-19 Vaccine certificate. The vaccine certificate is mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 years.


Where possible please use the booking forms or call from your stateroom to book on board services. Dining services will be a la carte and buffet restaurants served by the crew. All food and drink menus have QR codes for those wishing to read menus digitally

Going Ashore

We strongly recommend you join ship sanctioned shore excursions. However, you can choose to go ashore by yourselves but must ensure adherence to local health protocols at all times. Please note, You may be subject to random testing at visiting ports.

Rapid Antigen Test

You will be required to undertake a complimentary Rapid Antigen Test during the embarkation process. A negative result is required to embark the ship. This is mandatory with no exceptions. On cruises of 7 nights or longer in duration, a further Antigen rapid test will be required prior to disembarkation.

Passenger Locator Form for Cruise Ship

You will need to download and complete a Passenger Locator Form for cruise ships by clicking here. This form will be collected during the cruise by your stateroom attendant.


Your luggage will be tagged at check-in and sent for sanitisation before being loaded onto the ship and delivered to your stateroom

Step-by-Step guide to boarding our ships

Document Check

You will need to present your e-ticket, passport, visa (if applicable), public health questionnaire downloadable here and your approved COVID-19 Vaccine certificate. The vaccine certificate is mandatory for anyone over the age of 12 years. Or a COVID-19 recovery certificate up to three months old.

Luggage Drop

Once you have successfully completed the document check you will then proceed to the luggage drop point where your luggage will be tagged with your stateroom or suite number and then handed over to our crew to sanitise your luggage before it is loaded onto the ship. Your luggage will be delivered to your stateroom or suite.

Rapid Antigen Test

After luggage drop you will proceed to the Rapid Antigen Test area. Here you are required to undergo a Rapid Antigen Test. This is complimentary but mandatory, all guests must undergo this test and provide a negative result to be able to embark the ship. You will need your passport to register with the medical team on duty. Once you have taken the test you will be asked to stay in our waiting area until you are called for your results. This typically takes 15 minutes but can take longer depending on the number of guests already expecting the Rapid Test results.


Once you have completed your Rapid Antigen Test and been advised of your negative result you are clear to proceed into the terminal and carry out your check-in with our embarkation team. Here you will present your passport, this will be exchanged with your boarding pass which must stay with you throughout the cruise. Your boarding pass acts as your passport when visiting ports, your access to the ships, your room key and also your on board charge card for purchases. Your passport is kept by the ships team to clear immigration at every port and returned to you the night before the end of your cruise. You will be asked to register a bank or credit card against your stateroom or suite to allow purchases of any extras on board. Please note: cash is not taking on board in any of our bars, restaurants or shops. Instead it is charged to your account and settled at the end of your cruise.


Once you have completed your check-in you will proceed to security. Just like the airports you are required to put all your belongings you are carrying as hand luggage into a tray and pass them through the scanners. You will have to pass through the walk through metal scanners. If you have a medical condition which exempts you from passing through the scanners please advise the port security at the time and have any supporting medical certificates necessary to present.

Embark the ship

It is just a short walk or shuttle bus to the ships gangway. You will be asked to sanitise your hands at one of the hand sanitising stations before entering the ship. When entering the ship our security will scan your boarding card to register you are on the ship. Please note your boarding pass will be scanned every time you embark or disembark the ship. Please do not attempt to do either without your boarding pass as you will be denied entry or exit.

Lifeboat/Muster Drill on Day 1

Under Maritime law you are required to participate in a muster / lifeboat drill. Due to social distance restrictions this has been changed. You are required to go to your stateroom or suite and watch the safety video on your stateroom TV. This is typically on channel 1. Once you have completed the watching the video, please check you have the required life jackets in the wardrobe. If you do not, please contact reception immediately. The final step to completing your safety briefing is proceed to your designated muster station. This is written on the back of your boarding card and also on the back of your stateroom / suite door. You must proceed to your muster station within two hours of being on board and scan your boarding pass at the muster station scanner. This is mandatory and checks will be done to ensure compliance.