Blast From The Past

We invite you to step back in time with us on the incredible volcanic island of Milos, one of the most beautiful places on earth. A short drive from the harbour takes us to Sarakiniko, an inlet of pure white stone sculpted by volcanic eruptions.

This startlingly beautiful, otherworldly spot is one of the island’s many geological wonders and perhaps one of the most photographed places in the Cyclades. We’ll walk down to the inlet so you can experience this one-of-a-kind beach and take photographs. You’ll feel as if you’ve landed on the moon.

We then travel along the picturesque main road along the coast to the cobblestone streets and alleys of Plaka, a classic Cycladic village of white stone houses and bougainvillea flowers 250 meters above the Aegean. We’ll stroll through the village to admire its traditional architecture and its stunning view of the sea, and we’ll sample some homemade sweets at a few of the village’s local pastry shops. Just 100 meters from Plaka lie early Christian catacombs, the largest in Greece, and the ruins of ancient Melos and its Roman amphitheater, which is cut into the rocky slope of the hill near the ancient agora.

Our path from the catacombs to the amphitheater takes us through a small olive grove beneath the retaining walls of ancient Melos, where you’ll find large Dorian walls and column fragments. The marble amphitheater, to which you’ll have unrestricted access, still includes seven intact rows of seats and offers a lovely view of the bay. On our way back to the bus, we will visit the site where the Venus de Milo (now residing in the Louvre in Paris), was discovered in 1820.

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