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Old Dubai

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Historic Dubai

Would you like to know what Dubai looked like before the skyscrapers? Find out as we take you on a journey into Dubai’s past and traditions.
You’ll start in Deira, Dubai’s Old Town, one of the oldest parts of the city. Mingle with the crowds at the Gold Souk and Spice Souk before boarding an abra – a traditional merchant’s boat made of wood – and crossing the bustling Dubai Creek.
On the other side, you’ll find the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. The winding alleyways are lined with traditional buildings, many of which have been restored to museums. Take time to explore the Bayt Al Khanyar Museum, or Dagger Museum, dedicated to the ‘khanjar’ dagger: a traditional symbol of strength and bravery.
Our final stop is the Coffee Museum. Here you’ll have a lesson in coffee etiquette, learning how guests are honoured in Arabic culture. In this silent ritual, every gesture – such as how the cup is held – has a deep meaning. You’ll leave with a memento of your day: a pouch of real Arabic coffee, so you can try and recreate what you’ve learned once you’re back at home.

DUB 04 Spice Souk
DUB 04 Bayt Al Khanyar Museum
DUB 04 Coffee Museum