Discover Katara Village with High Tea

Discover Katara Village with High Tea

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Art, culture and high tea

Take time to explore the architecture and vibrant exhibitions of the Katara Cultural Village, then relax with a delightfully decadent afternoon tea.
The Katara Cultural Village is a hub for art lovers, designed to bring a diverse mix of people together through a shared passion. Through this guided tour, you’ll learn more about why this complex is so special, as well as exploring its highlights.
One of the top attractions is the blue and gold Katara Mosque, inspired by the Dolmabahçe Palace in Istanbul. Don’t miss the Golden Mosque, shimmering with tiny gold chips, or the classical Greek-style amphitheatre which seats up to 5,000 people.
You’ll see theatres, galleries, and even public art on the buildings: keep your eyes peeled for the huge picture of an Oryx, Qatar’s national animal, bursting through one of the walls. Take time to stroll through the gardens or visit Katara Beach.
On top of Katara beach club, you’ll find your next destination: the world renowned BOHO Social. Overlooking the beautiful skyline of Katara Cultural Village, you’ll take part in a quintessential afternoon tea, surrounded by the colourful and opulent decor of this stunning social haven.

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DOHA, QATAR FEB 28, 2020: Katara Mosque in Katara Cultural Village, popular touristic destination in Doha, Qatar