The Cocktail Hour: Mykonos Surprises Us All

Mykonos welcomed us back with a big, warm hug this afternoon, and it was even better than we remembered.

Now, it’s the cocktail hour – one of our favourite times of the day. We’re slurping on a round of margaritas – some classic, some with mango and others have gone for strawberry. And the air’s thick with excited gossip about being back onboard.
Today had that fever-pitch excitement that you only feel on the first day of a (welllll overdue) holiday. We had an ice cream on the beach, pottered about the boutiques, and grabbed a breather as we watched the windmills.

Mykonos Brings Us All a Sense of Peace
Mykonos is always charming with its quaint, white-washed streets clad with bougainvillea. Today, after so long away, it felt even more blissfully calm. After being away for so long, the ocean seemed even bluer, somehow.
Our guests will be some of the first visitors back to Omos, the villages on the excursion and the taverna for the Mykonian dinner. It’s a real privilege to get to come back just as the island’s waking up and something we’re certainly not taking for granted.
Day one reminded us just why we love island hopping so much. Join us as we continue to cruise around the Aegean on the first week of the season. Let’s check in same time, same place tomorrow!