Our Last Coffee on Deck

And we’re back to the place it all began. But the adventures haven’t ended yet…

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve seen five islands – and two countries – in just five days. It feels like we’ve been away for ages! Probably because we’ve seen so much and experienced even more.

On this final day of island hopping, we’ve got to make the most of it. So, we’re up early with the birdsong and enjoying our last coffee on deck. It feels completely different to our first coffee when leaving Athens. This time, we recognise our guests’ faces – and they recognise us! It’s amazing how in just a few days you can have an instant connection with new people. That’s what a shared island-hopping experience is all about.

Our best bitsA final day is always a day to reminisce about the past week. And what a first week it’s been! The sunsets. The food. The entertainment. The comical conversations. The quietness of quaint villages compared to bustling harbour fronts. It’s all been out of this world. Yet it’s all in our favourite spot on the globe, the Aegean Sea in the Med – a place EVERYONE should get to explore. (In our humble opinion.)

It’s hard to pinpoint the best moments, but we’ve all agreed that they’re the unexpected ones we didn’t plan for. Like taking a cocktail break in the tiny taverna, just on the spur of the moment. Like watching the sunset from deck – one that was particularly magnificent with the pink bouncing off the clouds. These are the memories that we will recall when we talk about the start of sailing 2022.

Although we’re waving goodbye to our guests, we know this isn’t the end of the first week. Athens is on our doorstep, so we’re off to explore it all over again.