Our Favourite Corner of Athens

Follow us as we explore Plaka – the old town of Athens that’s all charm, charm, charm.

It feels different exploring Athens without being on an excursion. We felt almost lost at first, questioning where we should go and what we should do to make the most of the day. But once we decided on Plaka, we got into our stride. We kept our gaze upwards to look at the beautiful buildings and we sometimes we closed our eyes to listen to the sounds – all tips we’ve picked up from our guides.

And because we’re in Greece’s capital, we also followed our noses. If something smelt good, we went there and had a taste. Hello souvlaki for lunch – it just had to be done.

Plaka ramblingsOne of the best aspects of Plaka is that it’s virtually a no-traffic zone. That means we can wander freely and head down any streets that look interesting – and there are a lot of those! Plus, there are tables and chairs everywhere, rather than cars, so we can enjoy multiple coffee stops while basking in the sunshine. Heaven. We found a perfect spot earlier that overlooked the Acropolis.

Plaka’s charm comes from its history. It is like time has stood still for hundreds of years, and it’s possible to explore everything from 20th century buildings to ancient monuments. Once we tear ourselves away from the cafes and tavernas, we’re going to head over to the Bath House of the Winds. It’s a public bath house that’s been well-preserved through the ages. It’s one of our favourite spots as you can look up and see the Acropolis in the background – there’s no forgetting that we’re in Athens here.