Coffee on Deck: Rediscovering Ephesus

From Greece to Turkey! We’ve been back in Ephesus – a place that never fails to amaze.

Time for a breather. After a busy morning exploring Ephesus, a well-earned coffee (and a refreshing bit of ocean breeze) is exactly what we need. Every holiday needs this moment of peace. And it’s something us Greeks always cherish – time to unwind means you have energy for fun later.

Some guests have gone for a lie down, others are also having a coffee, and some are enjoying a dip in the pool. It’s time to do your thing, and rightly so – just as you should when on holiday.

Our morning at EphesusIt was fantastic to be back at Ephesus after so long. It felt like having a big hug with an old friend.
Our guests were leaning in to hear stories of the site’s ancient past. They were pointing out features in the ruins to each other. Looking up at marble archways and looking down at mosaics. Watching people discover something new gives us all the feels. It’s why we do what we do – because we love sharing these unforgettable slices of the Med.

Ephesus is somewhere we’ve visited hundreds of times, but it never gets old. This time, we felt especially thankful. What a privilege to be able to walk on ancient tiles, just as they would have done all those years again. Feeling shivers down the spine just thinking about it.

Now, it’s time for us to relax before the Patmos adventures get underway.