If you are vaccinated for the first time with a single or double dose vaccine, a 14 day period must elapse from the latest dose before your cruise (ages 12 and above).

This is not required for the booster dose, which is effective immediately (ages 18 and above).

Validity of Vaccination certificates: 9 months after which a booster dose is required to maintain the validity of the certificate (ages 18 and above)

Vaccination certificates conformance standards:

EU CITIZENS and CITIZENS OF COUNTRIES PARTICIPATING IN THE EU DCC SCHEME: A valid Digital COVID-19 Certificate (DCC) issued by the respective Health Authority of the country.

CITIZENS OF COUNTRIES NOT PARTICIPATING IN THE EU DCC SCHEME (USA, CANADA, MEXICO etc): Certificate/document to include the following information:
(a) name: surname(s) and forename(s);
(b) date of birth;
(c) disease or agent targeted;
(d) vaccine/prophylaxis;
(e) vaccine medicinal product;
(f) vaccine marketing authorization holder or manufacturer;
(g) number in a series of vaccinations/doses;
(h) date of vaccination, indicating the date of the latest dose received;
(i) country of vaccination;
(j) certificate issuer;
(k) a unique certificate identifier or other means to validate the vaccination such as contact information in order to communicate with the healthcare provider or clinic site that issued the certificate, or the vaccination registry site.

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