The Ultimate Guide to Celestyal Olympia

Boasting an authentic vibe, an array of social spaces and non-stop onboard entertainment, Celestyal Olympia offers a cruise experience like no other.

There’s no limit to the memorable experiences awaiting you on a Celestyal Olympia cruise, regardless of whether you choose an island-hopping adventure or one of our new Adriatic itineraries. Although she is the largest ship in our fleet, Celestyal Olympia is a mid-sized vessel that accommodates up to 1,664 guests, provides highly-personalized service and can venture to destinations that bigger cruise ships can’t reach. Onboard, you’ll find spacious lounges, inviting restaurants and a choice of activities and evening entertainment, all with a distinctly Greek feel.

Want to learn more about what you can expect from your time aboard Celestyal Olympia? We’ve put together the following guide, which tells you everything you need to know.

Staterooms and Suites

Celestyal Olympia has 724 staterooms, with a total of 418 outside staterooms and 306 inside staterooms. All of the cabins are a generous size, and 9 of the suites have a private balcony. As you’ve probably guessed, the balcony suites sell out quickly, so we advise you to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. No matter whether you choose an interior or exterior stateroom, your room will come equipped with a private bathroom, a telephone, a hairdryer, a TV, a safety deposit box, air conditioning, wardrobes, bedside tables and a vanity table with a stool and mirror. There are two accessible staterooms on the ship, both of which are outside cabins with handrail systems and plenty of space to maneuver a wheelchair.

Our dedicated housekeeping staff and stateroom stewards go the extra mile with personal touches to make sure you have the most relaxing and enjoyable stay. In addition to keeping your room clean, making the beds and changing the towels, our cabin staff love to leave wonderful surprises for you to find in your stateroom, such as candy and cute towel animals.

Daytime Activities

Activities start in the morning and continue all day, right through to the evening. There’s always something to do for everyone, such as dance classes, bingo, arts and crafts sessions, quizzes, demonstrations and even language lessons. A daily program is delivered directly to your stateroom each night so that you know exactly what’s happening the following day and to help you to plan out your day in advance. Our activities are a great way for you to meet fellow guests and spend time with your travel companions whilst you sail to each destination. If you prefer, you can visit the pool deck for a swim or head to the fully-equipped gym so that you can keep in shape while you cruise. Olympia also has a modern spa and beauty center, perfect for pampering yourself with a manicure, haircut or professional spa treatment.

Communal Areas

Celestyal Olympia has many interior communal areas and outdoor decks to help you relax and indulge during your cruise vacation. As she is a family-friendly ship, you’ll find lots of dedicated spaces and amenities for guests of all ages. Here’s a summary of the main communal areas of the ship.

Deck 4: When you require guest services or you want to book optional shore excursions, you’ll need to make your way to Deck 4. This deck features a library too, as well as our Duty Free and Value Shop where you can purchase all sorts of great products at competitive prices. Deck 4 is also where you can find the Aegean Restaurant, the ship’s main dining room.

Deck 5: You’ll find lots of fantastic social spaces on Deck 5, including Muses Lounge, Argo Lounge, Selene Lounge and the casino. This deck is also home to the photo shop, which sits opposite the Agora Shop that sells beautiful jewelry and a fantastic selection of soaps, oils and Greek products. What’s more, Deck 5 is the place to go if you want to get a facial, manicure or pedicure at the Sana Beauty Center.

Deck 7: If you enjoy staying active while on vacation, then you will love spending time on Deck 7. Not only is it the ship’s sports deck but it’s also a great place for children as this is where the Kids’ Club and video game room are located. One of the most popular communal areas on Deck 7 is the Eclipse Lounge and Bar, with plush seating and a dance floor.

Deck 8: Our fitness-minded guests love Deck 8 because it has its own gym with the latest workout equipment. Deck 8 is also an ideal area of the ship to go for some ‘me-time’ as it has a very nice sauna and relaxing massage rooms.

Deck 9: Both of the ship’s swimming pools are on Deck 9, as is Helios Bar which is located right in front of the main pool and Aura Grill which can be found by the other pool. The self-serve Leda Buffet is also on Deck 9 and situated at the back of the ship.

Deck 10: Home to the Thalassa Bar, Deck 10 is a great place to relax with a refreshing drink whilst you soak up the incredible sea views.

Deck 12: Another fabulous place to people-watch and take in the views is at Horizons Bar, the only communal area on Deck 12.

Dining and Cuisine

All of Celestyal Olympia’s dining venues allow you to indulge in authentic cuisine, all made from the freshest Mediterranean ingredients and cooked to satisfy even the most demanding palate. As your cruise package includes breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sink your teeth into our delicious local food and classic Greek dishes. Let’s explore the ship’s dining options.

Aegean Restaurant - Deck 4: As the ship’s main dining room, the Aegean Restaurant is open during all mealtimes. Breakfast is a buffet with a huge choice of hot and cold items, including pastries, fresh bread, cold meats, bacon, eggs and omelets. Lunch is also served buffet-style and includes meats, fish, salads, pasta, traditional gyros and a chef’s special, but you can order lunch from a menu if you fancy something different. Dinner is a three-course affair, meaning you’ll be treated to an appetizer, main course and tempting dessert.

Galileo Room - Deck 4: The Galileo Room is a private dining area that can be found at the back of the Aegean Restaurant, making it ideal if you’re looking for a smaller venue with a more intimate atmosphere. This dining room has the same menu as the Aegean Restaurant, and the dishes can be tailored to fit your food preferences.

Leda Buffet – Deck 9: Leda is a casual dining venue and a very popular self-serve buffet restaurant that’s semi-open to the elements. As it’s located at the back of the ship, you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner here whilst enjoying a cool breeze and breathtaking sea views. The Leda Buffet is open most times of the day and is a delightful place to go for a mid-morning snack and afternoon tea as well.

Aura Grill and Greek Deli – Deck 9: If you like casual meals and you want to enjoy lunch in a different setting, the Aura grill and Greek Deli on Deck 9 should fit the bill. They both serve up lots of lunchtime favorites and classics including gyros, burgers, fries and lots of sweet treats. The Aura Grill also hosts the legendary American BBQ night.

Other Dining Options: The Aegean Restaurant has a separate lunch and dinner menu for kids which includes simple dishes like burgers, chicken nuggets and pizza. There’s also our ‘Kwik and Easy’ menu with snacks and hot meals that can be served in our lounges or delivered to your stateroom for an additional fee. Room service is available at a supplement for private dining in your cabin.

Evening Entertainment

The evenings on board our ship are packed with fun, music and, of course, non-stop entertainment. You can dance until you drop at the disco, sing your heart out at our karaoke nights or sit back and watch our different-themed shows and concert-style performances. Our entertainment team love it when our guests join in, so they’ll be plenty of time for dancing after the shows. Celestyal Olympia also has a casino, where you can play poker, roulette or choose your favorite slot machines and try your luck. Whether you’re into live music, partying or relaxing with a cocktail on deck in the evening, there’s a bar or lounge on board our ship to suit everyone.

Bars and Lounges

Our comfortable bars and lounges are open all day until late into the evening, which means you’ll be spoiled for choice when looking for a spot to kick back and unwind as you sail. When the sun sets, some of our bars and lounges transform into party places and live entertainment venues, enabling you to find an atmosphere to match your mood each night.

Muses Lounge & Bar – Deck 5: Situated in the middle of the ship on Deck 5, Muses Lounge has a large stage and hosts live music and performances, such as cabaret, Greek-themed shows, live bands, dance competitions, and Cirque Fantastique shows. Muses Lounge also has a dance floor should you wish to boogie the night away.

Argo Lounge & Bar – Deck 5: A lovely place to grab a coffee or pre-dinner cocktail, Argo Bar has a beautiful nautical theme and can be found next to the entrance to the casino. At night, an amazing pianist and talented singer provide background music and engaging entertainment to entice you to get up on the dance floor.

Selene Lounge & Bar – Deck 5: With a huge dance floor and large screens that play the best music videos, Selene Lounge is the place to go when you want to party the night away. It’s also where you can enjoy the most fun Karaoke nights.

Eclipse Lounge & Bar – Deck 7: As the Eclipse Lounge often hosts Latino music, it has a completely different vibe to our other venues. There’s a dance floor here too, and it’s a great spot to get a glass of wine or a classic cocktail. Eclipse Lounge is situated near the middle of the ship and you can get to it via one of the staircases or elevators.

Helios Bar – Deck 9: This bar is a popular spot during the day because it’s located right next to the ship’s main outdoor pool on Deck 9. Seats and sun loungers are positioned around the pool and in front of Helios Bar, making it easy for you to grab a cool drink after a swim or when you need a break from all that sunbathing.

Thalassa Bar – Deck 10: At Thalassa Bar, you can chill out with a coffee or local Greek beer and enjoy panoramic sea views or watch your fellow guests enjoying themselves on the pool deck below from the balcony. Thalassa Bar serves drinks throughout the day right through to the evening, and it’s a great place to relax over cocktails before dinner.

Horizons Lounge & Bar – Deck 12: Often described by our guests as the ‘hidden bar’, Horizons Lounge sits at the very top of Celestyal Olympia on Deck 12 and offers spectacular views of the ship and 360-degree views of the sea. It can be accessed via a staircase on Deck 7 and is one of the best spots on the ship to get a drink and soak up the scenery.

Look Forward to Unforgettable Moments at Sea

Celestyal Olympia is a ship that embodies the spirit of the Aegean and is best known for offering guests lifetime experiences as she sails to some of the world’s most captivating Greek islands and magical destinations. Onboard, you’ll get to enjoy all the wonderful benefits of all-inclusive cruising, including all meals, unlimited drinks, home comforts and a wide range of facilities and entertainment. With a dedicated crew, authentic hospitality and award-winning service, Celestyal Olympia has more than everything you need for a truly unforgettable and totally stress-free cruise vacation.

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