The Omani jewel of Khasab

The Musandam peninsula in Oman is scenically spectacular, known as ‘the Norway of Arabia’ thanks to its towering mountains, blue fjords, cliffs and islands. Khasab is the main town here, at the far northern end of the peninsula. It’s a small but lively place, where scenic splendour meets a rich tapestry of history.

Explore the history of Khasab

The picturesque Khasab Fort, built in the 17th century by the Portuguese, was originally on the seafront, but receding waters have left it in a drier spot. Look for the wooden dhow boats displayed outside and inside, as well as the modern replicas of traditional houses made with palm branches. Inside you’ll find fascinating displays and information on traditional Musandam culture.

Climb high peaks

At almost 7,000 feet, Jebel Al-Harim is the highest peak on the Musandam Peninsula. As you journey to the top, you’ll pass terraced mountain villages, lush forests and winding dry river beds. There’s spectacular scenery along the way, not least the panoramic views over the Indian Ocean from the Khawr Najid viewpoint. Jebel Al-Harim’s summit and the breathtaking view over the rugged grandeur of the Hajar mountain range are truly awe-inspiring.

Sail Oman’s beauty

Khawr Shamm is Musandam’s longest and arguably most spectacular fjord. Travel by dhow from Kashab’s port to the opening of Khawr Shamm, then to the middle of the fjord, where Telegraph Island rises from the water and the remains of the old telegraph station can be seen. Keep your fingers crossed for the dolphins that often accompany the boats sailing along Khasab’s coastline.

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