Patmos Has Done It Again


Why we’ve fallen head over heels in love once more

Monsatery of St John the Theologian, Patmos - The Blue Zone - Celestyal Cruises

Embrace the true Patmos

You’ll feel it too. When you voyage across the Greek seas with us, you’ll see why our islands take our breath away every season we’re cruising. There’s just something about the grandness of Greece in all its scale and scope. From the might of metropolitan Athens to the quiet intimacy of barely touched islands, you’ll get to experience all the corners and twists of this thrilling land. And that includes the spellbinding island of Patmos

Agriolivado Beach, Patmos - The Blue Zone - Celestyal Cruises
Our love affair with Patmos

When we pulled into Patmos on a recent Iconic cruise, the unspoilt splendour of its beaches reminded us of just how special the island is. It’s heavenly. You can see why the island has been drawing pilgrims and voyagers the world over for hundreds of years. They’re searching to discover its unparalleled beauty – and you don’t have to wait long. As you step foot onto this untouched land, you’ll realise just how special Patmos truly is.
This island is awash with myth and legend, only elevating its mystical beauty. It’s said that a legion of Greek gods, led by Artemis, pulled Patmos out of the sea, leaving a legacy of ancient relics and ruins for you to explore. As we take our guests through the palaces of the gods, over the rolling Greek hills and to the UNESCO-protected St John’s Monastery, there are always moments of pure silence. It’s exquisite. Everyone is just soaking it all in under the sun, completely in awe.

Chóra, Patmos - The Blue Zone - Celestyal Cruises
Blending history with beauty

Our love affair with Chóra only gets more intense every time we visit. Dressed in Dodecanese style and elegance, it blends ancient heritage with a modern flavour. It has its own stories to tell, but we won’t spoil the surprise for you – these tales are best heard first hand from the locals.
Chóra is one of Greece’s most stunning towns, but we’re not all about looks! It has been constantly evolving since the 12th century through invasions, occupations and diverse cultural influences originating from all around the Aegean. There’s so much we can learn about all corners of Greece and beyond, just from this one pretty, white-washed town.
And being surrounded by local tavernas, charming restaurants and coffee shops isn’t bad either. Patmos is capturing our guests’ imagination this summer through an alluring blend of ancient history with an oh-so accommodating twist.

The Cave of Apocalypse, Patmos - The Blue Zone - Celestyal Cruises
The Patmos pilgrimage

Patmos’ holy heritage is yet another element that makes it so special. We’ve been taking a pause and breathing it in. This sacred island draws pilgrims from the world over, looking to connect with the land in which the Book of Revelations was written. And here at Celestyal, we’ve been taking guests even closer to its sacred sites.

We’ve been visiting the Grotto of the Apocalypse, where St John slept with only a rock as his pillow. He’s said to have heard of the word of God here, and as you close your eyes to the holy surroundings of this holy site, you’ll feel closer than ever to St John and the beautiful island all around you.

Skala, Patmos - The Blue Zone - Celestyal Cruises
We’d love to share Patmos with you

As you take in vistas of the Aegean lapping around you, you’ll eat and drink the true Greek way, having delved deep into the wonders of beautiful Patmos. Our guests say that they can’t wait to come back. And we know that the first visit is not the last– we are always drawn back to its alluring shores. So, grab your camera and let us guide you.


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