Goodbye From Us – But Not for Long…

It’s the end of our first week sailing. But every end is a new beginning. Roll on next week!

Final cocktail hour of the first week is a special one. We’re exhausted – but in a good way. The kind you have after a busy weekend catching up with old friends. The ones that you can go without seeing for months and then pick up exactly where you left off. Just in this scenario, the Greek islands are our old friends. And we feel like we’ve never been apart. The tavernas we love were there with open arms, the ancient sites were frozen in time, and even the cutest cats came to say hello!

What has been truly rewarding is connecting our old friends with new ones – our guests. It was heart-warming to see our guests captivated by the places we know so well and love so much. When their eyes are scanning the horizon and the corners of their mouths start to turn up, you know they’re falling in love. From our experience, it will be a love affair that lasts a lifetime.

Week two, here we come
Luckily for us, the end of week one means the start of week two is just around the corner. The cruising world is one that never sleeps – apart from during siesta time, of course.

Decks are getting scrubbed, fresh bedding is arriving soon, and bars getting restocked (a very, very important job). We can’t wait to welcome our next guests onboard and say a whopping ‘yia mas!’ once again.

We can tell this season is going to be one to remember. After so long, everyone is desperate for some sun and authentic Greek fun – and that’s exactly what we’re here to share.