3 Night Cruise Idyllic Aegean

Reconnect with your senses and nourish your soul with 3 nights of freedom in the Aegean.

Embrace the passion that pulses through Mykonos in every church, beach and bar. Discover a new muse in nature as you explore surreal ivory beaches on Milos. Savour the fresh flavours and perspectives you share around the table over a homemade Cretan meze. And feel your cares drift away on a sea breeze as Athens approaches on the horizon.

Join us on our 3-Night Idyllic Aegean Cruise and get back to the joys of Mediterranean life. Choose exploration, choose excitement, or simply choose to unwind. Whatever your heart’s calling out for, we’ll take you there.

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1 Lavrio (Greece)
2 Mykonos (Greece)
3 Milos (Greece)
4 Crete - Agios Nikolaos (Greece)
5 Athens (Greece)

Cruise itinerary

At-a-Glance Itinerary
Day 1
Depart 13:30



Known for ancient industry and silver-mining, this humble town on the tip of the Attica Peninsula is making a comeback. Lavrio’s marina, beaches and mineral museum attract groups with time to explore, but even a fleeting visit leaves an impression. Meet restauranteurs boasting locally caught octopus and stuffed squid, and taverna hosts who welcome you like a friend returning from sea.

Day 1-2
Depart 02:30



The sun-drenched island of Mykonos is affectionately known as the ‘Island of the Winds’. Easily recognised by its iconic 16th-Century windmills perched high on the hill, the vibrant Mykonos Town is an alluring landscape of smooth sandy beaches dotted along a dramatic coastline. Indulge in the islands culinary delights or take a short boat trip to explore the sacred island of Delos.

Day 2
Depart 19:00



The volcanic origins of the beautiful Greek island of Milos are clearly evident in its complex and bewitching landscape. Here you have the opportunity to explore the dramatically surreal and sculptured looming rock formations that rise out of the crystalline waters and create the stunning coastline. Why not join a local expert to explore the many beauty spots and charming fishing villages.

Day 3
Depart: 17:30



Along the spectacular Cretan coast east of Heraklion you’ll find the energetic resort towns of Hersonissos and Malia and also the capital of the Lassithi region, Agios Nikolaos. The charming resort town, whose name (Saint Nicholas, in English) refers to Greece’s patron saint of sailors, fronts the wide blue Bay of Mirabello. The town’s landmark round Lake Voulismeni—where the goddess Athena is said to have bathed—connects to the sea.

Day 4
Arrival: 06:00



As we pull into the port, your cruise may be over but your day is just beginning and the magical city of Athens is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Discover the heart of ancient Greece in the many historically important archaeological sites including the iconic landmark of the Acropolis or relax on the city’s beautiful beach.