Surround yourself with the unmistakable charm of the Aegean in Montenegro

Montenegro is an unmissable stop on our cruise. The terracottashaded roof tiles of the port city of Kotor lure you into a maze of ancient streets, steeped in the diverse architecture of this city’s rulers, from the Venetians to Napoleon. Here, the smell of cevapi and burek is everywhere, leading you through the narrow arches and shady streets of the old town to the bustling port and its powdery beaches.

Montenegro’s natural splendor makes it a paradise for exploration. Mountain ranges crisscross this green land, and with more than 20 peaks to summit, an inviting hike is never far away. From quintessential Aegean beauty to ancient religious architecture standing tall over the capital of Podgorica, Montenegro is teeming with ancient wonder, modern charm and unparalleled beauty.

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Exclusive Excursions

The destinations on our itineraries boast a rich heritage and blossoming culture that has endowed them with all manner of magnificent cathedrals, temples and fortifications. Our alternative tours cover a variety of opportunities to appeal to a wide range of preferences and interests.

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With a rich cultural history to discover, we give you access to experienced local guides with specialist knowledge. This is your chance to delve as deep as you want so don’t be afraid to draw on the expertise of your knowledgeable tour guide.

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The eastern Mediterranean has a diverse and fascinating culture that is worthy of further exploration. We pride ourselves on delivering truly authentic experiences and give you the opportunity to sample traditional recipes, delicious wines and pastries and engage with friendly locals.

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