Reisen Sie wie die Griechen und erleben Sie eine bunte Mischung aus lebendigen Kulturen und entspannenden Augenblicken der Selbstfindung im östlichen Mittelmeer. Gönnen Sie sich gleich zwei Abenteuer nacheinander und erleben Sie das doppelte Wunder unserer Kreuzfahrten Vielseitige Ägäis und Idyllische Ägäis.

Füllen Sie zwischen den blauen Kuppeln und dem goldenen Sonnenschein von Oia Ihr Herz mit Freude, erleben Sie einen byzantinischen Traum in den mondbeschienenen Straßen von Istanbul und bestaunen Sie hoch oben zwischen den Wolken die Klöster von Metéora. Verweilen Sie dann auf den mit Mosaiken gepflasterten Straßen von Ephesos, lassen Sie sich inspirieren an den traumhaft schönen Stränden von Milos und erleben Sie vieles mehr. Für wahre Freunde der griechischen Inseln.

Map image
1 Athens (Lavrion)
2 Istanbul
3 Istanbul
4 Kavala
5 Thessaloniki
6 Volos
7 Santorini
8 Athens (Lavrion)
9 Kusadasi
10 Rhodes
11 Agios Nikolaus (Crete)
12 Santorini
13 Milos
14 Mykonos
15 Athens (Lavrio)
Day 1
Depart 15:00



Breathtaking panoramas await you on your Eclectic Aegean 7-night odyssey. Before heading out to sea, take the time to explore the sprawling capital of Athens and step back in time across more than three millennia. Clustered around its landmark 5th-Century BC Acropolis are many historically important archaeological sites. And as you wait to board, enjoy the captivating ambience by the harbour’s edge.

Day 2
Arrive 15:00


Our adventure next takes us to the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Istanbul, and today you have the chance to see it from a unique perspective. Sailing down the Bosphorus Strait on a private boat, you’ll catch spectacular views of the Topkapi Palace and Rumeli Hisari Fortress. Followed by a wander around the historic spice market to set your senses ablaze.

Day 3
Depart 17:00


An Istanbul morning is rich with the melodic call to prayer and the scent of spices going to market. This is one of the world’s truly great cities, wonderfully eclectic and full of opportunities. Be sure to take in the city’s skyline, embellished with the silhouetted minarets of lavish Byzantine and imperial mosques, to get a sense of what makes Istanbul so special.

Day 4
Depart: 18:00


Perched on the slopes of Mt Symvolo, this vibrant seaport resort has been a little-known favourite for centuries. Its name, Kavala, is said to have been based on Alexander the Great’s favourite horse. These days it’s also affectionately known as ‘the blue city’, boasting crystal-clear waters and dreamy sea views. For a taste of ancient life, you can also explore the nearby ruins of Neapolis and Philippi, with a specialist guide bringing their stories to life.

Day 5
Depart 18:30


Thessaloniki’s ancient ruins rooted in the middle of the city create a rich tapestry sewn with a Roman Agora, the Arch of Galerius, the Rotonda, the Byzantine Baths and the Crypt of Agios Demetrios) together with the neoclassical architecture and the impressive Aghia Sofia. The island also has a reputation for its sumptuous culinary delights and delicious pastries.

Day 6
Depart 18:30


Volos itself offers everything you need for an exciting or relaxing day in port. Step off your Volos cruise, and you’re greeted by a thriving university city whose energetic pace will whisk you up into its whirlwind of activity, along the edge of the beautiful natural harbor and in the tsipouradika—traditional tavernas—and set you on course to uncover some real architectural gems, both ancient and neoclassical. Wander around and you’ll find grand urban mansions sitting beside nods to the city’s long-lasting industrial heritage.

Day 7
Depart 20:00


The mesmerising landscape of Santorini is instantly recognisable all over the world. The sweeping cluster of traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches are instantly recognisable, and you have the opportunity to experience the island’s charming villages on our complimentary excursions to the picturesque beauty spot of Oia perched on the Caldera rim.  You won’t want to forget your camera.

Day 8
Depart: 18:00



Known for ancient industry and silver-mining, this humble town on the tip of the Attica Peninsula is making a comeback. Lavrio’s marina, beaches and mineral museum attract groups with time to explore, but even a fleeting visit leaves an impression. Meet restauranteurs boasting locally caught octopus and stuffed squid, and taverna hosts who welcome you like a friend returning from sea.

Day 9
Depart 19:00


Turkey’s captivating seaside resort of Kusadasi is the gateway to ancient Ephesus, one of the complimentary highlights of your all-inclusive cruise. After visiting the ruins, you will have just enough time to explore the iconic Grand Bazaar and browse the treasure trove of colourful shops and stalls selling souvenirs, silks, leather goods, carpets and jewellery.

Day 10
Depart 18:00


The picturesque island of Rhodes is well known for its beautiful beaches, majestic fortified ruins, and its glorious year-round sunshine. Perched high on the clifftop that dramatically rises up from the crystalline waters is the island’s crowning glory – the Acropolis at Lindos. Your complimentary guided tour here also includes the chance to discover the island’s enchanting Old Town.

Day 11
Depart 20:00



Along the spectacular Cretan coast east of Heraklion you’ll find the energetic resort towns of Hersonissos and Malia and also the capital of the Lassithi region, Agios Nikolaos. The charming resort town, whose name (Saint Nicholas, in English) refers to Greece’s patron saint of sailors, fronts the wide blue Bay of Mirabello. The town’s landmark round Lake Voulismeni—where the goddess Athena is said to have bathed—connects to the sea.

Day 12-13
Depart 02:30


The romantic island of Santorini is the remnants of a devastating volcanic eruption in the 16th-Century BC. The picture-perfect scenery features clustered traditional whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches set against a beguiling brilliant blue backdrop. Here you will have the chance to experience the Mediterranean lifestyle of the idyllic oasis and relax in the island’s calm and tranquillity.

Day 13
Depart 13:30


The volcanic origins of the beautiful Greek island of Milos are clearly evident in its complex and bewitching landscape. Here you have the opportunity to explore the dramatically surreal and sculptured looming rock formations that rise out of the crystalline waters and create the stunning coastline. Why not join a local expert to explore the many beauty spots and charming fishing villages.

Day 13-14
Depart 19:00


The sun-drenched island of Mykonos is affectionately known as the ‘Island of the Winds’. Easily recognised by its iconic 16th-Century windmills perched high on the hill, the vibrant Mykonos Town is an alluring landscape of smooth sandy beaches dotted along a dramatic coastline. Indulge in the islands culinary delights or take a short boat trip to explore the sacred island of Delos.

Day 14
Arrive 09:00



As we pull into the port, your cruise may be over but your day is just beginning and the magical city of Athens is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Discover the heart of ancient Greece in the many historically important archaeological sites including the iconic landmark of the Acropolis or relax on the city’s beautiful beach.