Edition Three: Updated June 2021

At Celestyal Cruises, our highest priorities are compliance, environmental protection and the health, safety and well-being of our guests, crew and the communities we visit. We know cruising in times of Covid-19 and beyond will require adjustments in our regular procedures. Therefore, upon ongoing consultation with local, national and international government and health bodies, epidemiologist, as well as the industry collective association CLIA, we continue to implement new measures to ensure that you can cruise with us with peace of mind and confidence. We would like to highlight just some of the newest and most important measures that we will be implementing, in addition to any further protocols that may be recommended between now and the cruise departure date.


Who is eligible to book a cruise with Celestyal Cruises?

Guests of all nationalities and residencies are eligible to book. Guests are responsible for ensuring full compliance with required health measures to enter the country of embarkation.

Are there any additional documents for traveling due to COVID-19?

Travel requirements are fast evolving and vary depending on the port and country of embarkation. Be sure to contact the appropriate Embassy/Consulate of the embarkation country, your travel agent or refer to Celestyal Cruises website at in order to receive updated information.

At this time, we expect each guest will need to provide the following:

  • Negative PCR test not older than 72 hours before embarkation for all guests aged 6 years and older including guests who have been vaccinated.
  • Fully completed Celestyal Cruises Health Questionnaire, not earlier than 24 hours before embarkation.
  • In addition to the typical travel documents, (passport or I.D. if applicable ), a multi-entry Schengen visa may be required depending on your country of origin.
  • Completion of the Cruise personal locator form.
  • For updated requirements on COVID-19, please check with the consulate of the country of embarkation.
  • We suggest using the following website to search the latest travel requirements and country protocols:
  • You will also need to fill in a locator form from the Greek government, available here:

Under which circumstances related to COVID-19 would a guest be denied boarding?

Boarding may be denied in the following instances:

  • A positive PCR test result for COVID-19
  • Prior to boarding, or at any time during the voyage, failure to comply with our safety and health policies, and COVID-19 protocols.
  • Failure to provide documents as listed in item 2. above.
  • Failure to provide truthful answers to our health questionnaire.
  • Symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Do I need a COVID-19 Vaccine to cruise? What documents count as proof of vaccination? How far in advance do I need to get my vaccine?

Vaccination is not a mandatory requirement for participating in the cruise.

Irrespective of vaccination or immunity status, a negative PCR test taken 72 hours prior to embarkation is mandatory for all guests.

However, guests with proof of full vaccination (final dose at least 14 days before sailing date) are reminded to declare this on the Health Questionnaire.

Are there any health restrictions or pre-existing condition limitations, due to COVID-19, for cruise guests?

Guests suffering from severe or chronic conditions must consult their physician before taking a cruise or making travel arrangements.

What happens to paid cruise fare if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 before the cruise and unable to join?

Guests travelling together in the same stateroom will be offered a full refund subject to proof of a positive COVID test certificate. For other guests in the same travelling party, a 100% future cruise credit will be offered if they choose not to continue to travel.

Will a COVID-19 waiver or other legal agreement be required prior to boarding the ship?

In addition to our booking terms or cruise ticket contract, which all guests must accept — guests will be required to acknowledge the risks associated with pathogen transmission during their voyage and on tours or other shoreside experiences at our destinations, as well as agree to follow all of our health and safety policies at all times. Failure to agree to our terms and conditions or accept the requisite health acknowledgments will result in a denial of boarding, and the guest’s inability to participate in tours and shoreside experiences.

What costs are covered if a guest tests positive for COVID-19 during the cruise?

Charges related to COVID-19 testing onboard, ship isolation and COVID related medical treatment on board, will be provided free of charge.

Any other costs will be at the guest’s expense including shoreside and it is for this reason that we strongly recommend travel insurance for each guest that covers COVID as well as medical cover, cancellation and curtailment of holiday for the full duration of your trip and not just the cruise.

If a guest who follows our protocols tests positive during their cruise and is required to quarantine on board, is removed from the ship mid-cruise or denied re-boarding as a result, the impacted guest (and those occupying the same stateroom or deemed to be within close contact) will receive a prorated refund for the portion of cruise fare not used. Any required land-based quarantine for that guest (and their immediate travel companions, travelling in the same stateroom or those deemed to be in close contact) will be arranged by Celestyal with appropriate state sponsored and appointed quarantine hotels and/or medical facilities, the cost of which will be borne by the Greek state as per their current policy. Any additional cost incurred by the guests for safe travel home or for cancellation of other travel components impacted will be incurred by the guest and for this reason we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover this possibility.

If guests are spending a few days in Greece before the cruise and their PCR test has expired, does Celestyal have an agreement with a local medical centre for a new PCR test? Who bears the cost?

Yes, Celestyal has secured an agreement with a local medical centre for internationally accredited PCR testing to be carried out at a cost of 45.00 Euros per guest – this cost will be at guest’s personal expense and payable directly to the clinic.

Contact details for medical centre appointments as follows:

Crossborder Med Care

Call center: +30 210 700 1000

[email protected]


Are self-tests accepted to board?

Self-administered rapid tests will not be accepted to board the ships, only full PCR tests with internationally accredited certification. To clarify, the 72-hour test validity period starts from the moment the test is taken and not from the result notification.

Upon return to the main port at the end of the cruise, what are the arrangements available for guests who may need to have a PCR test in order to fly home and what are the costs?

PCR testing will be available at the main disembarkation ports for those guests requiring a PCR test to accommodate either onward travel or return to their home country. The cost will be 45.00 Euro per person and will be borne by the guest. Results will then be emailed or texted directly to the guest by the clinic within 10 hours.

For guests that have time sensitive travel arrangements upon disembarkation, PCR testing will be available onboard the ship at a cost of 60.00 Euro per person.  A dedicated testing facility has been set-up and tests will be administered by our trained and expanded onboard medical team. Appointments will be required and can be scheduled by calling the onboard Guest Information Desk.

Where can the updated Guest Health, Safety and Conduct Policy and the Refusal to Transport Policy be located?

What is the definition of a traveling party?

The term “traveling party” can include guests traveling in the same stateroom or reservation, as well as guests we determine to be legally or socially related or proximate in any way, at any time prior to or during the voyage, for any duration of time.

After reading the new health policies and procedures, a guest is no longer interested in cruising. What are their options?

We’re sorry to hear that this is the case. With our flexible booking policy, a FREE cancellation is permitted up to 90 days prior to departure. As an added element of flexibility, you have the freedom to adjust your sailing date up to 30 days before your scheduled departure, subject to availability and any applicable fare difference.

Given the close proximity of summer season, will the final payment due date be adjusted?

At this time, the final payment deadline will remain unchanged at 30 days prior to sailing date.


Can a guest join the ship at a future port-of-call if they are denied boarding?

If boarding was denied due to reasons stated in item 3, guests cannot board.

Will a separate check-in and lounge area be available for Suite guests?

A separate check-in flow in the terminals will remain available for Suite guests. Port terminal lounge facility is not available.

How long will it take to board the ship, when taking the new processes and protocols into consideration?

With current capacity restrictions and staggered arrival times, we don’t anticipate that the embarkation process will take any longer than is typically required.

Are there any new luggage recommendations or restrictions?

Luggage will continue to be dropped off and picked up at the port terminal as usual. Prior to loading onboard the ship, all luggage will be sanitized. This procedure does not affect the guests. Please ensure that your luggage is clearly labelled and bears the luggage tags provided by the company.

What if a guest is not feeling well in the days leading up to their cruise?

If feeling ill leading up to the cruise departure date, it’s recommended that the guest does not travel, and, in turn, contact us or their travel agency to re-schedule.

Can a guest join the ship at a future port-of-call if they are denied boarding?

If boarding was denied due to reasons stated in item 3, guests cannot board.

Will a separate check-in and lounge area be available for Suite guests?

A separate check-in flow in the terminals will remain available for Suite guests. Port terminal lounge facility is not available.

How long will it take to board the ship, when taking the new processes and protocols into consideration?

With current capacity restrictions and staggered arrival times, we don’t anticipate that the embarkation process will take any longer than is typically required.

Are there any new luggage recommendations or restrictions?

Luggage will continue to be dropped off and picked up at the port terminal as usual. Prior to loading onboard the ship, all luggage will be sanitized. This procedure does not affect the guests. Please ensure that your luggage is clearly labelled and bears the luggage tags provided by the company.

What if a guest is not feeling well in the days leading up to their cruise?

If feeling ill leading up to the cruise departure date, it’s recommended that the guest does not travel, and, in turn, contact us or their travel agency to re-schedule.

Can I get off the ship on my own, if I have been vaccinated or if I have a negative PCR test?

At this time, to ensure the best experience possible and compliance with local health protocols for the protection of our guests, crew and local communities we recommend guests join ship sanctioned shore excursions.

Ship sanctioned shore excursions operate within a managed program with the full implementation of Celestyal’s and local health protocols, including frequent sanitation of coaches, ensuring both drivers and tour guides are COVID tested.

Alternatively,  you can choose to go ashore by yourselves but must ensure adherence to the prevailing local health protocols at all times, such as social distancing and mask wearing.

Will the crew be vaccinated?

All crew members will have a negative PCR test before departing from their home country to join the vessel. A second PCR test will be carried out before their embarkation on board. After their embarkation they will stay in isolation for 7-days and at the end of the 7-day isolation a third PCR test will be carried out. In addition, efforts are under way for the vaccination of all crew members.

Disembarkation procedure in the intermediate ports of call and specifically in Santorini (Tendering, cable car capacity)

Specific protocols will be set in place and all information will be available as soon as they are finalized. However Santorini follows the health protocols as required by the national public health authority.

What am I expected to do to comply with Celestyal Cruises Safety Protocols against COVID-19?

  • Strictly follow the requirements for face coverings in all public spaces except when in staterooms, seated for dining or for drinks in bars and outside decks.
  • Responsibly observe physical distancing to 1.5 meters from fellow travellers in port terminals, on board the ship and during shore excursions.
  • Follow the instructions of our crew and limitations in regard to guest numbers in elevators, shops and other gathering areas.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. This is especially important upon returning to the ship from a shore excursion.
  • Avoid queuing where possible. Call reception and shore excursions rather than queuing up. Refer to your daily program for possible shop delivery to your stateroom.
  • Avoid touching hand-rails, doorknobs and shaking hands.
  • Disinfect your hands regularly. Hand sanitation stations will be provided for you in high traffic areas around the ship.


Do I have to have travel insurance to take the cruise?

COVID-19 medical, cancellation and travel insurance is strongly recommended for both your cruise and entire trip, from the time you leave home until the time you return, either bought from Celestyal Cruises or another insurance provider.

If I have insurance from another provider, how can I check that the insurance covers COVID-19 risks?

Guests should both contact their insurance provider, as well as ensure they are fully familiar with their policy coverage ahead of travel commencing. If you have bought your policy from Celestyal Cruises, please consult either your travel agent or Celestyal Cruises for clarification of coverage. We have a number of policy options available offering various levels of coverage.

Do I need to carry a copy of my insurance policy on the cruise?

Yes, it’s always recommended to carry with you in either digital or hard copy format your travel insurance in case of requirement to make a claim.

What will happen if I do not have the insurance documentation with me. Will I be able to embark?

We strongly recommend that you carry those documents with you in the eventuality that you are asked to present these or have to make a claim. That said, as travel insurance is strongly recommended and not mandatory, you will not be required to present proof in order to embark your cruise.


Celestyal Cruises ship ventilation systems. Is the air safe on board the ship?

  • Celestyal vessels are equipped with upgraded technologies to eliminate cross contamination as indicated by the Protocols of EU Healthy Gateways/Ship Sanitation (Equivalent to CDC).
  • Ventilation system using 100% outside fresh air, with no air recirculation
  • HEPA filtration systems used for ventilation in key areas such as medical centers and dedicated isolation rooms.
  • ATMOS disinfection in ventilation systems of all public areas.

What are the Celestyal Cruises’ enhanced medical measures?

  • A team of suitably trained medical staff have been added to the existing qualified doctors and nurses on board who have experience in caring for a broad range of medical conditions.
  • Enhanced shipboard medical centre with critical care capabilities and modified for infection control best practices.
  • Ongoing training and education of shipboard medical staff in the latest clinical care practices for managing COVID-19.
  • COVID-19 PCR testing capabilities on board, allowing for effective and fast response.

What are the Celestyal Cruises enhanced sanitation measures?

  • Frequent disinfection methods using approved disinfectants effective against coronavirus and other germs.
  • All areas sanitized multiple times a day with cleaning and disinfection protocols developed in coordination with the European and Hellenic CDC.
  • Extensive sanitization of transfer and shore excursion coaches and port terminals.
  • COVID-19 signage will be reminding guests to keep masks on in all public areas and corridors except when eating or drinking and to maintain social distancing.
  • COVID-19 signage will remind guests about proper hand washing and frequent hand sanitizing
  • Sanitizer dispensers will be available in key areas of the vessels like stairways and elevators, outside public toilets, shops, bars, theatres, reception, restaurants and kid’s zone.
  • Mandatory daily thermal checking for guests and crew.
  • Public areas and venue capacities are rearranged and reduced to aid social distancing of 1.5m between guests.
  • Signed and designated path to ensure one way IN/OUT traffic flow to prevent guests from crossing paths and to aid social distancing.

Will buffet service be available?

All self-service buffets will be accessible from one side only and will be pre-plated and service assisted. The buffet will be temporarily converted to waiter service restaurants.

Can I join a table with another fellow traveller?

To maintain social distancing, Celestyal Cruises has reduced the restaurant and buffet  capacity having rearranged the seating. We may be able to accommodate certain requests, but our efforts will concentrate on seating guests belonging to the same travelling party together.

Will room service be available?

Room service will still be available for your convenience with contactless delivery.

Will any venues or experiences be closed during my cruise?

Most venues on board will be open with adjusted measures to comply with social distancing and other COVID- 19 related protocols. Please follow relevant signage and guidance from the ship’s crew.

Spa and pools, will they be in use?

Whirlpool spas will either be single occupancy or shared by people in the same travelling party. For pools there will be one person per 4 sq. m. of water surface. In the spa and beauty parlor, guests and staff are required to always wear a mask. Facial treatments where a mask is not possible, will not be offered. Due to the proximity of guests, saunas and steam rooms will operate strictly on a reservation system. The use of these areas with other guests not being in the same traveling party is not allowed.

Will the kids zone be operated?

Kid’s zone will be operated with reduced guest numbers at any given time, ensuring  physical distancing of 1.5 meters. If needed Celestyal Cruises will operate outdoor children’s play areas only.

Is the use of masks compulsory on board during the cruise?

On board: The use of masks is mandatory in all indoor areas of the vessel except when in the stateroom, in the dining room when seated for meals and in bars when seated for drinks. It is not mandatory in outdoor areas of the ship except when social distancing cannot be maintained.

Off the ship: The use of masks is mandatory in tenders, during shore excursions  to ensure compliance with local protocols.

What are the number of participants on a shore excursion coach? How will the excursions be operated?

  • The capacity of the shore excursion coaches is regulated by the country of visit. Celestyal at this time will cap the capacity at 60% of each coach. This is subject to change, based upon prevailing health authority guidance at the time of your cruise.
  • All Celestyal excursion partners are committed to conducting business in an ethical and responsible way, ensuring the highest health and sanitisation protocols are always upheld.
  • Disembarkation and all excursions will be carried out in staggered groups sizes, avoiding congestion and crowding.
  • Shore excursion information will be shared on the monitors throughout the ship.
  • Social distancing will be strictly implemented during our onboard shore excursion briefings.
  • Responsible physical distancing in the port terminals, on board the ship and during shore excursions will be managed through reduced capacity, staggered activity times and closely managed group sizes.


What do I do if I feel unwell during the cruise with COVID like symptoms?

If a guest feels unwell, they should immediately call the Guest Information Desk from their stateroom so they can be evaluated by medical staff through an in-stateroom visit. If required, COVID-19 tests can be conducted onboard, allowing for prompt, accurate onsite results, alongside a multitude of other evaluative tests/measures. This is one-of-many enhanced capabilities of our medical facility where more doctors and nurses have been added, equipment upgraded, and a dedicated Controlled Care Centre to help contain infectious guests or crew while care is administered, away from general medical areas.

What is the response plan for a positive COVID-19 test on board?

The response plan includes isolation of the affected individual, quarantining of the close contacts, informing the health authorities at the destination port, extensive COVID testing of the affected, evacuation to a shore side facility and co-operation with the local health authorities.

If a guest is moved to isolation, what care and amenities will be available?

Medical follow up and care required for the individuals isolated as COVID-19 positive cases will be offered and service will be given by dedicated, trained and suitably equipped staff.

How is the medical centre equipped to handle a possible COVID-19 case?

Our medical centres have been enhanced with additional medical staff and emergency care equipment (such as ventilators or critical care capable beds).

What is the cost for onboard medical care and testing for COVID-19 related concern?

On board COVID-19 evaluation and testing that is performed as a recommendation of the onboard medical team is free of charge, as well as COVID-19 related medical treatment provided while on board.


Can group leaders or other members of a group request early boarding?

Currently, early boarding is not available to provide sufficient time for ship sanitization between sailings.

Are groups able to bring materials and equipment onboard for use during the cruise?

Yes. Any materials will need to be sanitize the same way all luggage will be sanitize prior to loading on board.  The company should be informed in advance in order to plan as necessary.

Can accommodations be made at the port terminal to support the check-in process for an entire group?

Due to social distancing and COVID protocols, all guests will have to follow a specific embarkation procedure. A whole group will not be able to proceed in any different way. Staggered arrival at the port terminal will be advised in advance and all group leaders will need to ensure that given timings are strictly respected.

Are hospitality / registration desks still permitted?

Onboard hospitality/registration desks are not permitted. In the eventuality of such request on board the group leader will need to speak with our cruise director who will try to provide assistance depending on requests and always aiming to follow the COVID-19 measures.

Will groups be allowed to bring outside gifts or goods for stateroom deliveries?

Yes. Outside gifts/goods brought onboard must be sealed properly in a plastic bag which can be sanitized prior to delivery. No outside food products will be accepted.

 Can dining seating be arranged for groups guests?

Relevant request should be addressed to Celestyal group desk in advance of the cruise. The Maitre D. will do their best to accommodate the request within a section of the restaurant and confirmation will be given upon embarkation.

Are the onboard conference centres still accessible to host group meetings and events?

Yes, all such requests must be made in advance to Celestyal’s group desk . Group meetings will be confirmed subject to availability. Additional sanitization measures will be introduced, including the appropriate social distancing in these venues.

What are the cleaning protocols for borrowed equipment such as presentation clickers, pointers, microphones, etc.?

AV equipment will be sanitized between meetings. Sanitation wipes will be provided for instances where an item(s) is passed from one speaker to the next. Borrowing shipboard equipment requires preapproval and applicable technical fees may apply.

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