Hello Patmos, you little beauty!

It’s great to be back at this Mediterranean gem. See where our adventures took us on our first afternoon back.
Patmos is still as charming as ever. It’s easy to see why high flyers and jet setters are yachting around its shores. It’s a land with sacred history and it’s also an absolute stunner with its bright blue waters, whitewashed villages and those rolling hills. It’s not far from Turkey, but it has the heart and soul of Greece with all the tavernas and churches. Can you tell that we love it?!

History and modern-day Greece all in one
Myth or truth – Patmos was originally on the ocean floor but Zeus was persuaded to it allow it to rise from the waters. Whether it’s true or the stuff of legends, you decide, but for us, it’s certainly the land of dreams.

If you want to step back in time, here’s the place to do it. We did exactly that with an excursion across the countryside to see the Monastery of St John the Evangelist and the Grotto of the Apocalypse – both very special places with biblical connections.

In between hearing about the sacred stories, we got the BEST view of the island. From the quaint windmills, we got a picture postcard snap of the whitewashed town of Chora and the island-dotted bay. Simply stunning.

If you’re all about getting an authentic taste of Greece, then the traditional feast excursion is a must. Today’s guests said it was a meal they’ll never forget. Probably something to do with Greek hospitality where everyone is encouraged to tuck in – oh, and the traditional dancers that accompany the feast.

Now, for a night in the casino, because why not!