Afternoon Cruising Treats

We indulged in a bit of luxury as we sailed the high seas

After a busy morning exploring Crete, we thought it was time for a bit of well-earned downtime. Onboard, everyone’s content. We’ve got guests enjoying the view with something refreshing in hand. Others are dipping their toes into a bit of luxury with a morning of pampering in the spa. Stress is the only thing that’s off the agenda.

Relaxing, the Greek way
By now, we’ve all gotten to know each other a bit better. It’s been incredible hearing everyone laughing over a beer or connecting over a cocktail. We’ve even spotted a holiday romance or two developing. And it’s made us truly realise that it’s not just the breath-taking locations and once-in-a-lifetime experience we missed so much.

After so long apart, our guests are grabbing the opportunity to make new friends with both hands. Because that’s what holidays are about, aren’t they? The people you meet along the way can take an experience from interesting to lifechanging. We’re celebrating every new connection with a hearty yia mas!