Afternoon treats: Day One on Deck

Island hopping isn’t just about the destinations – it’s about those in-between bits when guests unwind. Today was one to remember…

As we waved goodbye to the portside team in Athens and the Parthenon got teeny-tiny on the horizon, the atmosphere was pretty electric. Reality sunk in for us and our guests. We’re finally here. Holidays are happening again.
We spotted a group clinking their beers, cheering as soon as we had set sail. We heard passengers greeting each other and sharing tales of where they’d come from. A few even said they felt butterflies when they were boarding the ship. It was a pretty magical feeling.

A surprising feelingWe always knew people would be happy to be back. But this is a total surprise. Our guests are celebrating with each other and there’s been a real buzz on deck all day. The places we’re going to visit are special, but it’s the guests and the crew who make our island-hopping adventure special.
Mykonos is a speck on the big blue. We can feel the excitement building as people gather around the rails to spot something new, or just check out the true-blue sea.
Stay tuned for this evening’s update!